Could Heathrow Climate Change victory cause a Rimrose rethink?

Friends of the Earth has the article on its website – see link below

Rimrose Valley Country Park.

The FotE court victory is very welcome news indeed but it immediately got me thinking about the potential knock-on effects of the ruling for other transport projects in the pipeline which need to be rethought because of the Climate Emergency that has been declared.

Unsurprisingly my thoughts have turned to the Highways England plan to build a road right down the Rimrose Valley Country Park to create better freight access to the Port of Liverpool and I’m sure I’m not the only one having such thoughts.

It also makes you realise that Sefton Council’s Judicial Review of Highways England’s Port of Liverpool Access Road was utterly on the wrong grounds. If they’d made the challenge on basis of climate change as opposed to wanting a road tunnel they could well have won!

One thought on “Could Heathrow Climate Change victory cause a Rimrose rethink?

  1. Phil Holden says:

    While I can understand where you’re coming from I think your hopes are groundless on this one, Tony. There is no current route to low carbon air travel hence the ruling that Heathrow expansion doesn’t tie in with the government’s 2050 net zero policy. Whereas for roads the ban on sale of petrol and diesel vehicles has been announced. So it’s different.

    One might say (indeed I have) that the petrol and diesel ban is not backed up by any detailed plan for how road transport will be delivered, the practicality of batteries on that scale being doubtful. But in an era of empty gesture politics (I give you declaring a ‘climate emergency’ as a classic example) this vague hand waving is clearly enough for the judges (if not me).

    Sorry to disappoint you…..

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