Me ‘sanctimonious’?

I was accused of this the other day because I called out Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy for enabling the dead end of Corbynism by not themselves calling it out. Additionally, I pointed out Nandy in particular for her failure to call out how Brexit would make the poor poorer.

My accuser was of the view that they were just being loyal to the Labour Party leadership and that in effect I would have done the same in their position or words to that effect. My accuser clearly knew nothing of my lack of political loyalty and that I often take opportunities to say to folks that they should not necessarily believe or indeed promote what those in any form of power want. We need to be sceptical of them rather than blind to their faults.

Was it me who as Lib Dem leader on Sefton Council called out indeed called for the resignation of Nick Clegg during his time ruining the Lib Dems, why yes it was and in the Times newspaper too.

Blind political loyalty often gets us the political leaders we deserve i.e. bad ones and too often party members and supporters get behind bad leaders instead of getting those bad leaders out; it’s a fault-line in our far too tribal UK politics.

Me sanctimonious? Well not on this occasion:-)

2 thoughts on “Me ‘sanctimonious’?

  1. n hunter says:

    I sense Johnson is a bad leader and ,I note,he has put a whip on the MPs to support the Home Sec. This is rubber stamping. Is it saying they are all yes men than truly representing the voters who voted them in?

  2. Steve Lambert says:

    Tony as you say “too often party members and supporters get behind bad leaders instead of getting those bad leader’s out” sadly this is now life in general and applies to both public and private sector alike. It’s probably well known these sort of individuals are only interested in enhancing their cv as I like to call it, so they’ll agree to anything and was probably instilled as part of their early year’s of training. Seem to have had their ability to question decisions removed. Started creeping in (certainly the right word) around twenty year’s ago.

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