What the BBC can do – so sad that it’s news output in recent times has been so poor

The BBC has the article on its website – see link below:-


I’m no fan of the BBC’s news and current affairs output of recent years yet this piece on its website makes me realise how lost we’d been without the BBC. This is excellent writing by Kirstie Brewer and it makes me all the more sad that at times BBC news output is so superficial, unbalanced and seemingly biased towards politicians who seem to have a great deal of difficulty telling the truth.

Brexit exposed the BBC horribly and it’s coverage lacked the grit needed to expose the liars and snake oil salesmen, indeed at times it seemed that ‘Auntie’ believed them because of its lack of challenge.

That the BBC’s news current affairs and news output needs some significant work to bring it back to the standards it once had is a given for me but I’m no fan of destroying it. When you read quality journalism as in the link above you realise that there is hope for the Beeb.

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