Maghull – That old Station Master’s House is living once again

My good friend Les French (Chairman of the Maghull based Frank Hornby Trust) has a story that goes along the lines of Hornby used the buildings at Maghull Station as the basis for his tinplate model buildings. And you know Les could well be right as we know that Frank lived literally yards away* from Maghull Station and that he used the train regularly if not daily.

So bearing that in mind the slow decline of the old Station Master’s house in Melling Lane adjacent to the level crossing over recent years has been very unfortunate. Here’s how it looked in 2006:-

This shot of the former Station Master’s House was taken in June 2006.

But whilst this historic local building looked to be down and out it has survived to be given a new lease of life and it looks like this today:-

It’s nice to see it being given a second chance even in a modernised form.

* Hornby lived firstly at ‘The Hollies’ on Station Road and then latter at ‘Quarry Brook’ in Hall Lane (still close to the station). Both still stand ‘The Hollies’ as a private house and ‘Quarry Brook’ as the 6th Form Block of Maricourt RC High School.

Hornby’s first house ‘The Hollies’ is in this postcard photo.

One thought on “Maghull – That old Station Master’s House is living once again

  1. Phil Holden says:

    I think I’ve told you before but my father, Charles Holden, rewired The Hollies. He ran his electrical contractor’s business for over 40 years from 1950 and some of your readers may well remember the shop and workshop he had in the 60s and 70s at 56 Station Road, right next to the level crossing, opposite the car park and The Mogul. I spent a lot of time hanging around there in the early 60s. It’s now an office for a taxi firm.

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