Sefton Council – Control of dogs via PSPO’s

You’ve a chance to have your say as Sefton Council reviews its Public Space Protection Orders:-

You can have your say on-line via the link below:-

Comments close on 14 April 2020

Stop Press: I’ve just heard (3rd March) that Sefton Council has ceased this consultation due to the health crisis.

2 thoughts on “Sefton Council – Control of dogs via PSPO’s

  1. Mrs Janet Stewart says:

    I don’t think there should be bans on taking dogs in parks unless there are designated areas for dogs. We consider ourselves( all 4 of us) considerate dog walkers/ lovers and are always aware of our surrounding and areas we take her. I don’t feel it is right in punishing the likes of us and lots of other people in our area with dogs. Punish the inconsiderate people who constantly allow their dogs to dirt anywhere and just leave it and the people who think it’s alright to bag it and then throw it or hang it on treees along canal tow paths. We live next door to Rainbow Park and to be honest we take her in there about once every three months and keep to the outsides.

  2. Nicki Hughes says:

    Taking dogs out is not only social for the dog but also for the owner. It gets many people out who may not otherwise exercise or socialise. Thus improving both physical and mental health of all parties involved.
    Dogs are intelligent creatures who deserve a quality life, this includes space to run and enjoy themselves. By all means restrict certain areas, children’s playgrounds, sports fields etc but don’t penalise dogs or responsible dog owners.
    I work long hours during the week and enjoy taking my dog out, and at weekends often to Seftons Beaches or woodland. It would be unfair to penalise me, as my taxes help pay for upkeep of these facilities if I then wasn’t allowed to use them with my dog. Please remember, dogs don’t leave litter, or grafitti or If dog mess it’s left behind that is a humans fault, not a dogs. Irresponsible owners would not pay attention to Warning signs, if they were there, so only responsible owners would suffer.

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