Maghull – Back to that Moss Side Pond

I blogged recently about the Moss Side Pond/Grotto which still exists on the presently being built Poppy Fields Estate or as some will know it the Ashworth South Site or Moss Side Hospital site. Here’s my original posting:-

The photo I used in that earlier posting was not the best as I could only take it through a building contractor’s fencing. However community activist and Maghull councillor Frank Sharp has provided me with 2 far better shots of the pond that he took in 2010 before the site was cleared for the new housing. The two photos are the ones in this posting above.

Frank also reminded me about the Harrison family connection with the site and you can read about them via the historic information display board on the platforms of the new(ish) Maghull North Station, which takes up a part of the former Moss Side Hospital site. I took the photo below of the display board a while back:-

Look out for it when you get a train from Maghull North to Ormskirk or Liverpool after our present lock-down is over…..

My thanks to Frank Sharp for his assistance with this posting.

Note – Please click on the photos to enlarge them

2 thoughts on “Maghull – Back to that Moss Side Pond

  1. Peter Bailey says:

    Just hope the fish and aquatic life in there have not been killed, been trying for a long time to organise a clean up but come against too many excuses to gain access, would make an ideal fishery for the young anglers locally, would be prepared to organise with local anglers of given the chance, keep me updated please, thank you

  2. Stella Hughes says:

    I played in that grotto as a little would love to see it restored.S

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