Jim Sharpe RIP

My friend Jim Sharpe has sadly passed away in Aintree Hospital after a short illness unconnected with our present health crisis.

Jim will be known to many people across Sefton & West Lancashire for his ‘One Man and His Dog’ column in the Champion Newspaper.

I am not aware of many pictures of Jim as he was always stood beside the press photographer (usually Marin Snape who sadly passed on himself not so long ago) but here he is in 2014 caught on camera press notebook in hand with Cllr. Edie Pope of Lydiate Parish Council.

I blogged about Jim back in 2017 in a posting associated with him being interviewed by Maghull Radio. Here’s a link to it:-


Looking back on that 2017 posting it seems to say pretty much it all about Jim as I knew him but here are a couple of addition anecdotes. Jim’s politics were very much of the right and mine are very much of the left and yet I recall him being delighted when I became leader of Sefton Council; I knew his congratulations were genuine and I very much appreciated them. Jim and I would still chat from time to time in recent years indeed he phoned me about a month ago saying he was bored and wanted to a chat with me. We talked for half an hour or so about politics, life, the lockdown, his boat* on the Norfolk Broads and former councillors & other community minded folk we had known over the years.

He also kept in touch with former councillors Andrew Blackburn and Dave (Mr Lydiate) Russell. Jim would dine with Dave & Pam Russell at their house from time to time.

I know that his neighbour’s had been doing his shopping for him during the lockdown and he’d told me how much he appreciated that help when we last spoke.

As I said in my 2017 posting Jim was a journalist of the old school. At his best he was the people’s eyes and ears on the shoulders of those in power on the council locally. But he also liked good news stories about his home town of Maghull which he’d lived in for the vast majority of his life apart from a few years in and around the Colchester area working in public relations for British Telecom.

I will miss Jim because he was a decent chap, a good journalist and he cared deeply for Maghull the town I lived in for 43 years. RIP Jim

* Jim told me some years ago that he was going to leave his boat ‘Manxman’ to the YMCA in Birkenhead because they’d done so much for him.

PS – My good friend Andrew Blackburn has dug out this photo of a Maghull Mayoral charity fundraising walk in 1994 and Jim is there with us with his dog of that time too. It was taken outside the Running Horses Pub in Lydiate – Thanks Andrew

12 thoughts on “Jim Sharpe RIP

  1. Rhona Simon says:

    Really sad to hear that Tony. I liked him, often agreed with his sometimes contraversial thoughts. He did really did care about Maghull. Not even a Champion at present to give him a well deserved send off.

    • I worked with Jim on the Crosby Herald in the late 60s early 70s. He was a real character. I remember him always turning up for work in a red felt hat, quite outrageous for a serious, sensible journalist. But he got away with it such was his quirky character. RIP Jim
      PS I was at one time Editor or the Maghull Times, long defunct, for 4 years.

  2. DAVID HUGHES says:

    It was Jim’s article in the Champion of July 3rd 2013 that inspired me to become a broadcaster on Maghull Community Radio as it was then. In the early days he was broadcasting himself, usually in the company of the Maghull Town Council leader ,Cllr. Patrick McKinley. We often had chat’s on air and he became a friend. I’m truly gutted at his passing as will be a lot of people. Thanks for bringing his death to my attention Tony. Rest in Peace Jim.

  3. Gwen Kermode says:

    So very sorry to hear this, Jim was a lovely, gentle man, who was a true advocate of the area. I have had long chats with Jim over his love of dogs and his boat, two constant passions in his life, along with his writing. May he rest in peace

  4. Patricia Annal says:

    So sad to read just now of the passing of Jim Sharpe, Tony. I always remember him at the Council meetings at MTC.

    He will be sadly missed by all in his community, but remembered fondly. RIP Jim

  5. Ben Spears says:

    Very sad news to hear this evening, I will always remember Jim for his assistance in the early days in promoting the Lydiate Classic Car Show, his assistance was invaluable at the time to it! I’m no longer involved with the show, but Jim was very knowledgable about classic cars, and I think at heart he was very much a classic car enthusiast. RIP Jim.

  6. Frank says:

    Thanks for everything Jim, you have been a lovely, knowledgeable ‘Champion’ for Maghull for so many years and will be sadly missed.

  7. Marie Borland says:

    So very sorry to hear that sad news Tony. He was a character and so much part of Maghull. Thanks for letting us know. In these difficult times his passing may have gone unnoticed by many here in Maghull.

  8. Sheila O'Driscoll says:

    Rest in peace Jim, you were a good neighbour for the past 32 years, and I am pleased to say that your last days on this planet were dignified and you were cared for with compassion and respect to which you deserved. Our prayers are with you at this sad time.

  9. Beverley Addison says:

    Tony, so very sad to hear of Jim’s passing. Both he and his brother George were frequent visitors to the Town Hall. We spent many evenings chatting on various topics and “putting the world to rights”. As some previously commented, Jim’s passions were his beloved Manxman and the dogs Tina and Cinders. My colleague Joan and I were very fond of both brothers and looked forward to our nightly conversations. Jim had a very dry sense of humour and would have us in stitches. I am deeply saddened by this news and only hope he has gone to a better place. R. I. P.

  10. Dave and Pam Russell says:

    Jim will be sadly missed by many people, among them ourselves. He was a regular visitor to our home over many years. In the early days, he would come to talk to Dave, a Lydiate Parish Councillor, about the latest plan to improve Lydiate and I would make a light lunch, usually his favourite, egg butties, and home-made cake. A favourite was bara brith. After his brother, George, died, I cooked a proper meal instead. Jim always enjoyed it and said so. He was a very appreciative guest. It is hard to say goodbye, but Jim has been very lonely since George went. Let’s hope they are reunited and also with all his past canine pals.

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