Maghull – C19 & how our world seemed to change from locked down to unlocked so quickly

Liverpool Road North shops in 2015

It’s normally very hard to access the shops on Liverpool Road North Maghull by car as the few parking spaces there are will usually occupied most of the time. C19 changed all that as the businesses closed and there were no cars wanting to park apart from those belonging to a few very local residents.

And then yesterday I went to deliver food to our isolating daughter and found pretty much the last parking space; the world has moved on or is that moved out very fast indeed!

Oddly though it seemed only 3 or 4 of the shops were actually open yet the cars and vans were back in numbers; a couple of days ago the only vehicles would have been those travelling through this small shopping area on their way to elsewhere.

I’m still of the view that it was just a little previous (maybe a couple of weeks previous) of government to ditch the ‘Stay at home’ message in favour of ‘Stay Alert’ as it may, on the limited evidence of Liverpool Road North yesterday, have sent the message ‘Go out’ even if that was not what was intended.

I’m guessing that similar scenes will have been replicated across England although probably not in Scotland or Wales?

And here’s an historic shot of the same shopping area in much quieter times, all the time:-

2 thoughts on “Maghull – C19 & how our world seemed to change from locked down to unlocked so quickly

  1. Victoria says:

    I travelled to work in hightown yesterday morning and the road through maghull, lydiate and great altcar were quiet, as they have been during “lockdown”.
    Coming home was a different matter – the formby bypass was easily as busy as a weekday this time last year, possibly even more for the time of day. The starbucks at ince Blundell had a queue of cars out onto the bypass and going to aldi yesterday eve there was a marked change in numbers in store, their queuing behaviour and many groups of friends or families out shopping together.
    This is why we shouldn’t have been given the message we were so soon. We will be in a second lockdown before july at this rate.

  2. Uslot says:

    I am very confused by people’s attitudes towards this virus. The fact that Scotland, wales and Ireland are still on lockdown confirms that this thing is still a threat.
    Why are people being so blasé I am terrified.
    I haven’t seen my family in 8 weeks including my 5 grandchildren.I’ve been out when only necessary for essential items mainly food and for one walk as recommended for exercise yet people have had builders in chippys are open. What the hell is going on.
    Estate agents are opening, I might put my house on the market so I can have visitors 😩🙈
    I myself have been told that my place of work will be opening on 1st June as Johnson says it should be safe by then 😢😢 I’m a manager of a Charity shop for gods sake. Very essential taking in all the donations that you’ve no idea of where they have come from and serving everyone else grandparents ( majority of more mature customers use charity shops) but can’t see my own kids.
    Really frustrating the world has definitely gone mad

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