Bidston – Wrexham Line and its new rolling stock

We may still be in lockdown and being advised not to use public transport if at all possible but one day we’ll get past this health crisis and be able to ride trains and buses once more.

Being a railway enthusiast I try to keep an eye on what is happening across Merseyside and was interested to pick up on the latest developments for the Borderlands Line between Bidston and Wrexham which is now operated by Transport for Wales.

We knew that new Class 230 train units, with the ability to run on battery power, were being supplied for the route by Vivarail so news of the testing of these units seemingly being successful is obviously welcome. Here are a couple of links about the new units and their testing:-

Quote from Vivarail website article ‘the UK’s first battery hybrid being built for Transport for Wales to operate the Borderlands (Wrexham-Bidston) line. The train is powered by 2 batteries on each driving car with 4 gensets on the middle car to charge the batteries and as a secondary source of traction.’

In the medium to long term I still hold the view that this line should become a part of the Merseyrail network.

My thanks to Jonathan Cadwallader for the lead to this posting.

3 thoughts on “Bidston – Wrexham Line and its new rolling stock

  1. I agree Mersey Rail should take over if only to stop the Bidston change hange over

  2. William says:

    Definitely agree it’s terrible to have to change at Bidstonw

  3. It seems the North wales is the poor relation again, no new trains on the Wrexham /Bidston line yet gain all gon to South Wales, it seems that the welsh goverment an rail operatives think that wales stops at Merthyr

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