Maghull – A59 Alt Junction Reconstruction

A couple of locals had mentioned to me that they thought this new junction was, in the eyes of a motorist too messy to navigate and in the eyes of a pedestrian a long walk, so I thought I’d cycle through it to see for myself.

I firstly approached it from Liverpool Road South and stopped to try to work out where a cyclist should be to cross over to Dover Road. I worked it out but had my reservations about it being a safe cycle route. I then attempted it from the Dover Road side trying to get to Liverpool Road South. I gave up thinking it was too dangerous and followed the pedestrian route which, as I’d been told, is indeed a long walk.

What strikes me about this junction is that it has been designed for vehicles but sadly pedestrians and particularly cyclists seem to have been very much an after thought. How on earth in 2020 can you design a new junction without incorporating a safe cycle route through it?

The A59 is already a Berlin-type wall right through Maghull and Lydiate and the addition of this new junction has sadly, in my view, only made this situation worse.

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2 thoughts on “Maghull – A59 Alt Junction Reconstruction

  1. Brian McClean says:

    I am a local driving instructor and believe in the saying” if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. This junction is now a death trap. As far as i’m aware there has been 3 accidents already within a few months and it’s easy to see why. When turning right from any direction it is confusing for both cyclists and pedestrians. I dread to think of the consequences when everyone is back to work, in particular at peak times.

  2. Bob Jungels says:

    In response to Brian’s comment: It was broke. And it needed fixing.
    For Christ’s sake the whole country’s transport system is broke. *The country* is broke.
    This junction is the last before Switch Island. Has Brian ever tried cycling from Maghull to Aintree?
    The disregard for those who don’t wish to drive (or can’t drive) is absolutely disgusting and I’m glad you keep writing about this subject, Tony, because you/we live in area that has been poorly designed by successive planners from the 1950s onwards. A suburban mess built for the car that has never once even had a second thought about the pedestrian or cyclist.
    Christ, even in West Lancs they have a fully thought out Cycling and Walking Strategy! Even if they don’t have the money to implement it, at least the intentions are good and clear! And we have much less road space to play with in West Lancs! By that I mean less neighbourhood areas. Much more rural, of course.
    So the fact that Maghull and Lydiate don’t even have a single cycle lane that I can think of (the Cheshire Lines doesn’t count sorry – it was a leftover from an old railway line, and the amount of dismount points and poor surfacing again prove just how apathetic the Council are towards cycling in Sefton).
    Back to the junction in question:
    1, if you’re a cyclist on the road… Jesus, good luck with that.
    2, if you’re cycling on the Dover Road side, you have no dropped kerb at the end before reaching the toucan crossing.
    3, if you’re cycling on the Motor Range end, you have countless side junctions and narrow footway to contend with right the way thru to the Aintree end.

    All options for cyclists are absolutely second rate. Drivers wouldn’t put up with the issues we have to face, so why should we put up with this crap any more.
    Keep on fighting the good fight, Tony.

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