Maghull – Cycling the A59 – Alt Junction to Switch Island

I mentioned recently my concerns as a cyclist (and those of pedestrians) about how the Alt junction has been reconstructed and here’s a link back to that posting:-

Sefton Council had told me that two additional pieces of work were to be undertaken along with the junction ‘improvements’ to improve cycling access. So far with contractors having left site one has only been partially done and the other has not been done at all.

The major cycling work is to extend the cycle path/route which comes from Switch Island so that it reaches the Alt Junction. Clearly some works have been undertaken but a section over the River Alt bridge has been left just as it was, a narrow pavement – see photo below. Why?*

The other item is such a small change one wonders why it had not been sorted out years ago. It’s at the junction of Moorhey Road and the A59/Northway Service Road where a cycle route starts taking cyclists towards Switch Island. However, at the very start of it there’s no dropped kerb, which I’ve complained about before and been told by Sefton Council it would be attended to during the Alt junction ‘improvements’. So far, as you can see, the job remains outstanding:-

And yes, I’ve brought my concerns about both these matters to the attention of Sefton Council’s Highways Dept.

* After I wrote this posting but before publishing it I became aware of the plans to redevelop the former Motor Range site for an ALDI etc. so the curtailed works to the cycle path/track could possibly be associated with the changes required should that proposal gain planning permission? Just a thought.

One thought on “Maghull – Cycling the A59 – Alt Junction to Switch Island

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    And now we have an Aldi to throw into the mix…. you couldn’t make this up!
    Our planners are absolutely clueless.
    We have no sense of localism any more. Town Planning is dead.
    We have a Lidl literally over the road, we have one of the busiest motorway junctions in the whole of the north of England on the doorstep, and we have a town centre on its knees with vacant units, and possibly more to come after the lockdown.
    Quite frankly, the Square itself is in need of a massive overhaul. Either a complete rebuild or at least a serious redevelopment.
    All we’re doing here with this Aldi is encouraging more and more people to get in their cars and drive to *yet another* out of town supermarket that will be am absolute ball-ache for peds and cyclists to access, with absolutely absurd amounts of traffic outside it.
    Literally every single decision Planners make is worse than the last one.

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