Maghull – Postcard of the Leeds Liverpool Canal

I recently purchased the undated postcard which is scanned and illustrated below:-

Shown is the stretch of canal through Maghull which parallels Liverpool Road North with the buildings on the left separating canal and road. The bridge is the Red Lion Bridge and St. Andrew’s Church can be seen in the background. The words on the rear of the nearest barge say ‘Tom’ & ‘R Williams & Sons – Liverpool’. I think the date below ‘Liverpool’ is 1902. Notice what looks like a couple of young lads leaning over the bridge parapet.

I wonder if folks looking at this posting can try to date the postcard for me

Click on the scanned postcard to enlarge it

One thought on “Maghull – Postcard of the Leeds Liverpool Canal

  1. Stephen wafer says:

    Excellent photo…recognised area straight now has a foot bridge along side it and has had for many years.those shops are still there plus a few more.i like learning history of all canals especially local wife an i have had narrowboat holidays an love them.

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