Everton Weekes RIP

The passing on this great cricketer only days before the the West Indies and England met in a Test Match at Southampton (yesterday) led to a tribute by the players, in the form of a minutes silence and the wearing of black armbands.

He was truly a great player and Wikipedia has a page which tells his life story very well:-


I love the bit about how he gained the forename Everton and the amusing comment by Jim Laker about if his Dad had supported a different football team:-

Weekes was named by his father after English football team Everton (when Weekes told English cricketer Jim Laker this, Laker reportedly replied “It was a good thing your father wasn’t a West Bromwich Albion fan.”)

Here’s the BBC’s tribute to him:-


and a video tribute via You Tube:-


RIP Everton Weekes, the man connected to Liverpool via his dad naming him after Everton Football Club.

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  1. Steve Lambert says:

    Tony apologies for this as is nothing to do with your post just a curiosity question really.
    What’s happening with the new Maghull M58 junction, looks completed with no contractors/activity on site. As the boss said probably waiting for the grass seed to grow.

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