Lydiate – Play areas reopening

Kenyons Park – Lydiate

We had a Lydiate Parish Council meeting on Monday evening (via Zoom) and decided to reopen our 3 play areas as soon as all safety checks have been completed. I anticipate that the reopening will be tomorrow Wednesday 15th July.

Below there’s a scan of the posters/notices which are displayed at each play area –

To clarify, Lydiate Parish Council maintains 3 children’s play areas at:-

* Sandy Lane Playing Field
* Kenyon’s Park
* Ridgeway Park

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4 thoughts on “Lydiate – Play areas reopening

  1. Mrs G. Bolland says:

    Can you please let us know when the government is going to open dentists for check ups, & also getting the hygienist back at work? Some dentist are taking bookings & some not as they are not clear as to when they can fully open.

  2. Mrs Gillian Bolland says:

    I asked a few days ago about dental practices, & no one has come back to me, I would be great full if Tony Robinson would clarify when dental practices are back to “ normal” in as much hygienist back & dental check ups being done, I was half way through an appointment with the hygienist when the lockdown came & I really want this treatment finishing, Other practices are opening fully around various areas including Wigan,

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