Maghull – And the tree (or at least a part of it) came down

I’ve blogged about the The Dell and the trees growing in it previously but the issue came back to mind today following a significant bow of one of the trees breaking off and blocking Liverpool Road North. This very situation (a tree falling) has been what a local resident has been asking Sefton Council to deal with back at least as far as February of this year as my last posting on the subject makes reference to – see link below:-

The photo at the head of this posting shows the scene earlier today as the tree surgeons were dealing with the consequences of the large bow breaking off. I had a brief chat with one of the workmen and if I understood him correctly he seemed to think more of the trees needed to be checked out. Let’s hope the joint land owners NHS & Sefton Council do get an inspection done.

I love trees but they do need to maintained. The Dell is a lovely green oasis at the heart of Maghull’s shopping area.

One thought on “Maghull – And the tree (or at least a part of it) came down

  1. Paul Ton says:

    I agree the 2 trees in Dodds Park have fallen down in last 2 months. The rest are really overgrown and very near house’s, feel only matter of time before serious situation happens.

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