Lydiate – Coppull Rd – Southport Rd Footpath

This one does the rounds each year and has been doing so for as long as I can remember because Sefton Council only seems to cut back the overgrown foliage when a complaint is made about it.

Well Sefton gave it a haircut yesterday after a complaint was made by me (possibly by others too?) via Borough Councillor Pat O’Hanlon. I don’t have a before shot but I can assure you it was approaching the time when a machete would be needed to walk through it! Here’s the short back and sides ‘after’ view:-

Top photo looks towards Southport Road – Bottom one towards Coppull Road.

I’ve got no excuse now so I’ll litter pick it…….

Litter pick along path now done. Good news in that I only got one full bag of litter this time and the usual collection of Jack Daniels bottles was not to be seen. However, dog poo bags seem to be getting dumped there. I guess the dog walkers responsible for dumping them there must pick up where they can be seen and then dump where they can’t be seen?

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