Liverpool – Do you want to zip to the library?

View from inside Liverpool Central Library’s domed glass roof to the outside viewing area.

Liverpool Business News has the story on its web site – see link below:-

When I first heard about a zip wire from the top of St Johns Beacon to the roof of Liverpool Central Library I thought it was akin to an April 1st story, a wind-up, a bit of leg pulling so to speak. But no it turned out to be a a real plan with a real planning application.

View of St. Johns Beacon from roof of Liverpool Central Library

Now call me old fashioned but what on earth have a zip wire and a library got in common? I’ve got nothing against zip wires what so ever but there’s a place for everything and a library is simply not such a place. The roof terrace of this particular library affords views across the City and an opportunity to view them in relative peace and quiet.

View towards Empire Theatre from roof of Liverpool Central Library

Sadly, I have spent far too many hours campaigning to save and protect libraries from closure; fights that were lost due to austerity and not a little political intransigence. Yes of course libraries need updating and Liverpool Central Library is an excellent example of such modernisation. However, the calmness of a library is what makes it so special particularly in our stressful and noisy society. Compromising that peace and quiet is just wrong in my view.

Another view over the City from Central Library’s roof

One thought on “Liverpool – Do you want to zip to the library?

  1. GRAHAM AGG says:

    I recently saw an interview with Frank McKenna, a so-called Director of Downtown Liverpool Business and rarely have I seen a less refined & articulately stated reason to have a so-called Zip Wire across a cultural quarter of Liverpool City Centre. There needs to be an immediate Judicial review by the UK Government in to the reasons behind this brain haired scheme & the people behind it.

    The fact that neither the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson or Metro Mayor of Liverpool Steve Rotherham have also not come out to condemn such a scheme in a World Heritage City like Liverpool raises the question WHY?

    I hereby call for the immediate resignation of the Labour controlled planning committee who actually had the audacity to give the thumbs up for such a obnoxious scheme which crosses also in the vicinity of Liverpool Cenotaph honouring Liverpool’s war dead from the last two World War’s and designed purely to make money at the expense of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage City’s dignity & esteemed reputation. The Hillsborough memorial is also located in the vicinity of this obnoxious plan & the Hillsbough families have also called for this to be scrapped, so far their voices have been ignored – Why?

    I hereby urge all Citizens of this great City of Liverpool & also all people who visit Liverpool to campaign to STOP THE ZIP WIRE.

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