Merseyrail – First 508’s Going for Scrap

Merseyrail Class 508 EMU at Maghull Station

Well it had to happen as more new Class 777 EMU’s arrive on the Merseyrail system but it’s always sad when long-serving trains go to the scrap yard. The link below (to You Tube) shows the first 2 Class 508’s on their last journey:-

I then realised I’d photoed one of the 508’s that went for scrap on 16th August at Maghull Station back in June 2015 – it’s the photo at the head of this posting.

If you check out the detail of the You Tube posting there’s a link to an interesting blog site called Engineering FOCUS –

Just one thought, which I know is on other minds too, will early scrapping of the 508’s and 507’s leave Merseyrail short of rolling stock if a problem pops up with the new Class 777’s akin to the situation Northern found themselves in not so long ago?

If you’d like to see a Class 777 on a test run there’s one below in a You Tube video taken at Birkdale station:-

And finally, for those of you with longer memories here’s yet another You Tube link about the former Merseyrail Class 502 EMU’s which were replaced by the Class 507/508’s between 1978 and 1980

3 thoughts on “Merseyrail – First 508’s Going for Scrap

  1. Phil Holden says:

    The winning bidders for the Merseyrail franchise way back in the 90s wanted to scrap these ancient units but were told to refurb them. But not the running gear, just a seats, carpets, paint job. So Merseyrail acquired a reputation for unreliability. So I don’t lament their passing. Museum and scrapyard fodder 25 years ago!

  2. Ian smith says:

    Don’t scrap them please contact me we can have other plans

  3. theo tym says:

    don’t srap merseyrail sell them to poor places like Africa please don’t scrap them.

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