Government to Act on Pavement parking?

Readers of this blog site won’t be surprised that I’m very much in favour of tackling the scourge of pavement parking although I also think such a move needs to go hand in hand with tackling cycles being ridden on pavements too, other than by small children.

The link below is to the Government’s consultation on the matter:-

My most recent blog/rant on the matter is available via the link blow:-

But and it’s a BIG but even if the law/guidance is changed will Councils and/or the Police actually enforce? History seems to indicate they won’t as the powers that be do little or nothing now with the regulations they can use as far as I can see. Just think how much trouble would it actually be for a passing police vehicle/council enforcement officer, not already on an urgent call of course, to stop and ticket vehicles parked on pavements or even to tackle anti-social bike riding on them? I appreciate that the present regulations may fall between the Police and Councils but surely if they wanted to sort this out they could have done without Government issuing new regulations/passing new laws?

Well anyway you have the link to the Government consultation so let Government know how you feel.

One thought on “Government to Act on Pavement parking?

  1. Carol Hill says:

    Tony you should have been on Moor Lane in Crosby a couple of weeks ago. As you come around the bend heading towards the roundabout the pavement is very wide and I could not believe my eyes there were 4 cars all parked on the pavement outside one of the houses two abreast and they weren’t small cars. I managed to walk between them but anyone with a pram or pushchair not to mention a wheelchair or disabled scooter would have to have gone on to the main road. Police cars must have passed them but obviously did nothing

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