Museum of Liverpool – Covid 19 Mind Maps

Below you’ll find a link to a short Museum of Liverpool video on You Tube showing mind maps detailing the experiences of participants:-

Our daughter Jen is one such participant and her mind map is at about 1.30mins into the video and it’s also at the head of this posting.

Click on the mind map grapic to enlarge for reading

2 thoughts on “Museum of Liverpool – Covid 19 Mind Maps

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Very interesting, Tony. Back in the day at work I often saw attempts at the use of mind maps to convey ideas. It never worked well, not once. I concluded it was useful only as a tool for a person to capture their own thoughts and start to organise them. I sometimes used them for that purpose but never to communicate.
    However these maps, particularly Jen’s, do work. I think that might be because they concern experiences and feelings everyone can relate to rather than someone’s abstract ideas for new products or how to tackle a project.
    So perhaps you might mention to Jen that she has opened my mind to something I had hitherto found to be a fairly useless technique.
    I still wouldn’t recommend it for making a pitch on The Apprentice though

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