Lydiate – Sandy Ln/Lambshear Ln junction dangers

I’ve long thought that this is a dangerous junction and blogged about one aspect of it back in June 2015 – see link below:-

But whilst that plea obviously failed to push Sefton Council Highways Dept into action there is clearly another danger which I’ve witnessed a number of times recently. If you’re turning right out of Sandy Lane into Lambshear Lane you are often faced with a vehicle which has come from Lydiate Village Centre direction and which wants to turn right into Sandy Lane cutting the corner and all but hitting the vehicle/cyclist trying to turn right.

So that’s two dangers at this junction that could do with being looked into by Sefton Council, I hope they’ll try to look into them before there’s a nasty crunch!

One thought on “Lydiate – Sandy Ln/Lambshear Ln junction dangers

  1. Debbie Graham says:

    Yes very dangerous junction for 2 primary school students equally other end of sandy & moss – surprised & thankful no children been hurt at either junctions before now.

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