Canada – Violence? Really?

I think it was around 2002 that Sheila, Jen and I had a holiday in Canada and my abiding memory of that lovely country was how safe it felt; far safer than the UK. Indeed, I recall that during a bus tour around Montreal the guide proudly told us how safe the city was and how little crime took place compared to many western cities.

Imagine my surprise then when I came across the video on You Tube:-

Ok, yes, I’m a railway enthusiast and our holiday in Canada all those years ago was by rail up the eastern coast. We started at Toronto where we spent a couple of days, then got a VIA Rail train to Ottawa. Again, a couple of days there and then another VIA train to Montreal. Finally, after a few days in Montreal we got our final VIA train to Quebec City. Here’s a shot of our train at Ottawa station:-

I suppose all western societies are getting more violent but somehow I can’t get my head around it happening in Canada, that friendly and peaceful country I had the pleasure of visiting nearly 20 years ago.

One thought on “Canada – Violence? Really?

  1. n hunter says:

    The problems seemed to happen this century. The cancellations of Greyhound puts more people onto the trains. That therefore would increase the risk of trouble.Equally privatisation, shareholders and not the public then becomes the priority. MONEY NOT PEOPLE. I note the video is recent, ie since Trump appeared on the scene,just saying.

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