Conspiracy Theories & Covid 19

The other day I came across a thread on a community Facebook Page where one of the admins was trying to address what conspiracy theorists had been putting on that page associated with their belief that Covid 19 does not exist or that if it does it’s associated with 5G etc. etc.

I blogged about the relationship between conspiracy theories and 5G back in April of this year and here’s a link back to that posting:-

And then this fascinating insight into how outlandish conspiracy theories can even destroy a family. It’s a BBC audio recording that’s well worth taking a few minutes to listen to:-

When you’ve read the BBC website article click on the ‘Trending’ tag at the bottom and this will take you through to the audio only recording.

Sadly, Facebook and other forms of social media are used by conspiracy theorists to try to widen their influence on those who may be taken in by their very odd take on Covid 19 and indeed many other things. My advice? Don’t take things at face value, try to fact check them – that goes for anything any politician tells you too!

3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories & Covid 19

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Er – aren’t you a (local) politician, Tony? Nevertheless I believe everything you say (almost….)
    Seriously we are in a tangle over social media. Twitterbook et al hide behind not being publishers but, in addition to belatedly censoring blatant hate material now randomly – or maybe not so randomly – censor on dubious grounds. So journalist (loose term!) Camilla Long has been banned from Twitter for 3 months so far for questioning whether face masks work, when mainstream science says they have limited effect. And it seems it is much easier to get pulled from Twitter for criticising Biden than Trump.
    I don’t think you can take much on trust these days. Especially from bloggers!

    • Obviously guilty as charged in that I’m a politician but it gets my goat when folk pick a political hero and then believe everything they say without question. ALL politicians manipulate facts to suite their stance on a matter. Oh and you too must be guilty as a fellow blogger:-)

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