Vaccine saves the day or does it?

The hopes that are being pinned on a new vaccine getting us out of the big pandemic hole that we are in are very high, probably far too high.

The dangers are that some folks will let their guard down thinking that all is now OK and they don’t need to take precautions much, if at all. The second danger is that some will think they’ll get a vaccination by the turn of the year when many will be waiting much longer.

Of course there’s also the issue of conspiracy theorists who are still taking to social media trying to persuade the gullible that the virus does not exist or that even if it does it harms few if any folk. Why some of them were even shouting outside a Liverpool school recently trying to stop children being tested! Yes I know, it’s beyond belief……

I was taken by this sober assessment of the situation by Jim Hancock – see link below

As is often the case Jim’s assessment is realistic and well thought through. So don’t get carried away by being too unrealistic and think things through. Oh and don’t fall for quack theories on social media………

We might be able to see a possible glimmer of light at the end of the very long Covid tunnel we are all in presently, but we won’t be getting to the end of the tunnel soon.

One thought on “Vaccine saves the day or does it?

  1. Stu Nutt says:

    There’s TWO vaccines that are very close — the German Pfiser one that’s being referred to, but also the British “Oxford” one that has also been very successful in trials and could be approved within weeks. If all goes well they could between them double the number of people vaccinates between now and Christmas, especially if the Oxford vaccine does not require two “shots” to be effective.

    As you rightly say, it’s not going to be all over by Christmas, and it’s likely to take until Febrary or later to get around 70 million adults treated, so we all have to “follow the rules” until the “R” is way below one.

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