The last Northern Pacer!

A Pacer at Preston Station

The 27th November saw Northern’s very last Pacer in service. It left Kirkby Station on Merseyside heading for Wigan following a small ceremony which had been kept quiet due to Covid restrictions. Here’s a video of the final departure from You Tube by Kieran’s Transport Diaries:-

I’ve blogged about these unloved diesel units many times particularly with regard to the campaigns to get rid of them. Here’s a post of mine from February 2018:-

I for one will not be sorry to see the back of them. Buses on railway wheels, sometimes called ‘Nodding Donkeys’, they were shockingly uncomfortable to ride on.

A Preston bound ‘Nodding Donkey’ at Ormskirk Station.

One thought on “The last Northern Pacer!

  1. Mr Ralph says:

    I am sorry to see the back of them. We will now be stuck with Class 150s which are just as old, noisy and claustrophobic greenhouses in summer, I have avoided Class 150s like the plague in the last 30+ years.

    The Pacers got new engines in the mid 1990s that are more modern and quieter than the Class 15x engines, which are basically marine engines designed in the late 1960s and are far too noisy.

    Another problem with the replacement Class 150 and 156 fleet is the dangerous large gap between train and platforms at certain stations, which the Pacers did not have. For example, the west facing platform at Salford Central and the east facing platform at Todmorden. When experiencing back problems, I find them very difficult to board. Also the 156s have very narrow doors that make it difficult for wheelchair users.

    However, the engine noise and claustrophobic nature of the Class 150 causes me too much stress and anxiety and will likely mean that I will largely stop travelling by train.

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