Maghull – An insight into its long closed Cheshire Lines railway & station

Maghull presently has two railway stations both on the Merseyrail Northern Line to Ormskirk but it once had what was then the town’s second station on the former Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway which ran from Aintree Central Station to Southport Lord Street Station. The station closed on 7th January 1952.

I’ve blogged about this long lost station, which was actually called ‘Sefton & Maghull’, previously and here’s the most relevant link back to one of my postings:-

I return to the subject of this station now because of some historic photographs from the 1960’s which have been passed onto me by the family of former British Rail employee Neil Reston. Here they are:-

This shot is noted as being taken on 28th February 1960. It looks southwards in the direction of Aintree. It will have been taken from the road over- bridge.

This shot of roughly the same area was taken in 2017

This shot also looks south and it’s noted as being taken in March 1960. It looks to have been taken from Cabin Lane which is between Lydiate and Sefton & Maghull Stations so the shot looks towards Sefton & Maghull. The occupation bridge in the shot, which still stands, as a continuation of Bells Lane where it turns sharply right to become Altcar Lane. My thanks to Alan Bolton for correctly identifying the location. This posting has been updated to take this into account.

Here’s a shot looking south from Cabin Lane as it looks now:-

This shot is taken from the bridge parapet which carried Sefton Lane over the railway. It’s looking north in the direction of the next station on the line Lydiate. It’s dated 28th February 1960.

This final shot is also looking north and the track has been removed. It’s dated March 1960.

The present view of the former trackbed looking north, replicating the final photo, is this:-

The telegraph poles are all that remain.

My posting about Lydiate Station using photos from the same collection and taken at the same times is available via this link:-

7 thoughts on “Maghull – An insight into its long closed Cheshire Lines railway & station

  1. Geoff Barnes says:

    Thanks, really interesting to see these photos which mark the final end of the SCLER. I’ve asked this question before but noone has been able to answer definitively- what is the bridge shown in the distance of the third photo? I’m guessing it’s a farm crossing of the type that exists in the Lydiate area but there was certainly no trace of it twenty years later.

    • Having looked at an OS map (One Inch 7th Series 1955-61) I think you are right Geoff –

    • Alan bolton says:

      I think the third photograph is actually taken from Cabin Lane looking south to the bridge that takes the farm track that is the continuation of Bells Lane. There was a siding between Cabin lane and the bridge and the remnants can be seen on the photo.
      I assume the distant signal is Lydiate down distant and the Home is controlled from Sefton unless it was linked to the ground frame located at the siding.

    • Yes i remember it as just over a mile north of Sefton Station and carried a farm track. Lydiate Station was a bit further north. One evening at dusk i was running along the track bed and ran smack into the side of a large black bull standing under the bridge. I shot up the embankment to the top of the bridge pretty quickly! There used to be a siding om the north side of bridge on the left and plenty of blackberries in the summer

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