Cheshire Lines at the Old Roan

I’ve been lucky to come across the two photos* below of the Southport and Cheshire Lines Extension Railway at the Old Roan via a couple of fellow local railway enthusiasts.

Old Roan 49434 With The Returning SLS** Special 6th June 1959

Old Roan S&CLER A59 Bridge Demolition c1966

The S&CLER stations had closed to passenger trains back in January 1952 but rail access from the Liverpool end was retained until 1960 to serve private sidings on the site of Altcar & Hillhouse Station. Part of the curved embankment that the train in the first photo is travelling over is still in place behind the modern day ASDA Store and across the M57 Motorway. In the second photo sections of the rail bridge carrying the Liverppol – Ormskirk line over the A59 can be seen in the background.

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* I’m not able to credit the photographer/s as I’ve been unable so far to identify them. If anyone can assist I would appreciate it.

** Stephenson Locomotive Society

One thought on “Cheshire Lines at the Old Roan

  1. CJ says:

    Great photos. But also very sad. Especially the second one, capturing a moment in time which may have seemed fairly insignificant at the time, but actually it represented a national sea-change in the way we travel – from rail to road, to the modern day car culture we have now ended up with.

    The first one is also sad, as the old embankment can still be seen, sandwiched in between the maze of motorways at Switch Island. A sad, helpless embankment that used to provide sustainable mass transit from north Liverpool to Southport and everywhere in between. We could have planned developments around this line – built up the tiny villages along the way with a few more houses here and there, instead of creating these horrible monstrosities around the edges of Maghull, with a poorly planned, impermeable new station at Maghull North.

    This is why I firmly believe the Liverpool City Region need to reclaim the Switch Island hellhole for the benefit of the people, with a new bridge over the M57 (tagging onto the railway bridge), and then a new one over the Alt in order to join the existing PROW that brings you out near Moorhey Road.

    What an excellent way to right the wrongs of the past. And all without upsetting the selfish motorist!

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