Maghull – When its railway was a main line

I’m returning to the railway photos of former Maghull resident and British Rail employee Neil Reston. The 3 photo’s in this posting were all taken from the same spot where Poverty Lane Maghull crosses over the what is now the Ormskirk Line of Merseyrail but until the late 1960’s was a main line north to Scotland from Liverpool Exchange Station.

All 3 photos are of northbound trains with the lead photo being noted as a Glasgow train. They were all taken in 1968 which is right at the end of through trains using the line from for former Liverpool Exchange Station to Scotland.

I have more 1960’s photos to work my way through of railway scenes across Merseyside from the Neil Reston Collection which was kindly passed on to me by his family.

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5 thoughts on “Maghull – When its railway was a main line

  1. Phil Prosser says:

    Hi Tony

    1st photo with the class 47 is 1P08, the 09.00 Liverpool – Glasgow & Edinburgh that combined at Preston with a portion from Manchester. This ran from mid September – mid June.
    2nd photo, with a class 25 is the same train but possibly on a Sunday when it was an 09.50 departure. Sunday haulage was often a class 25.
    3rd photo, another class 47, is the 09.00 again but in the summer timetable mid June – mid September when it became 1S46 and ran direct to Glasgow/Edinburgh.

  2. Brian Fearn says:

    Nice photos. I remember these trains from 1968 . You could see them passing at certain times from Hudson school and wishing i could travel on one . Did they stop at the small stations ie maghull and did they work to a different time table from the commuter trais?

    • They would usually only stop at Ormskirk I think.

    • Phil Prosser says:

      No northbound Glasgow trains had stopped at Ormskirk since 1966, but southbound, a couple did. The 08.25 from Glasgow called at Ormskirk about 12.30 all year round, and the summer timetable 14.10 FSo, called at both Burscough Junction & Ormskirk. On a Sunday the 12.15 from Glasgow called at Ormskirk at 17.30.

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