Melling – Trying out its new Prescot Rd/Bank Lane safe cycle route

I’ve mentioned this Liverpool City Region project previously (see links below) but now the M58 ‘Ashworth’ Junction to Kirkby part is complete* – here’s my review of it.

Oh and there’s a related posting about the stone-built bus shelter which now sits between the new cycle path and Prescot Road and had previously been threatened with demolition:-

From the M58 ‘Ashworth’ Junction south eastwards towards the Pear Tree Pub there’s a cycle path on both sides of the road (Maghull Lane) up to the junction with Prescot Road. If you’ve read the 2nd link above you’ll note my frustration with the fact that the cycle path on the left-hand side has not been taken round into the Ormskirk bound carriageway of Prescot Road but stops just before the junction! This effectively invites cyclists to rejoin the road at a dangerous point if they’re going towards Aughton/Ormskirk. Bad planning in my view. From this junction, there’s only one cycle path on the right-hand side heading along Prescot Road. The path is wide so easily caters for cycles to pass each other. Here’s a photo looking towards the Pear Tree Pub/junction (in the far distance) with the M58 junction being behind the camera:-

The previously threatened bus shelter**, of significant Melling heritage, which was fortunately saved can be seen in this shot with the Pear Tree Pub in the background.:-

To get around the Pear Tree Pub the cycle path follows Prescot Road at the forked junction and then, via a traffic-lighted crossing, passes to the rear of the pub to join Bank Lane. Here’s the crossing:-

And here’s my final shot looking down Bank Lane where the new cycle path joins a longer-standing one which takes cyclists into Kirkby:-

All in all an excellent piece of cycling infrastructure of the highest quality. Nice to see that it’s fully signed, unlike the new cycle path along the A59/Northway in Maghull. The hedging has been replanted so another environmental tick in the box there.

When the section into Maghull and its North Railway Station is constructed (at some point in the future – I know not when) a valuable complete safe cycling route will have been provided. Oh but please do that short missing section into Prescot Road from Maghull Lane for goodness sake! And on that note I’ll repeat something I often say about cycling infrastructure, it’s all well and good doing these grand and often expensive projects but sometimes relatively minor cycling solutions all over our communities remain unattended to. Identifying and tackling those many small projects needs to be a priority. If Sefton Council wants to know my list then I’ll happily supply it but in case I’m becoming a grumbler let me say again the new cycle path I post about here is most welcome and of high quality.

* The section running into Maghull and its North Railway Station will, I assume, be constructed along with the development of the vast Maghull East Urban Extension.

** Storm Arwen took the roof off this bus shelter and there was a great idea from a local resident to replace it with a living roof. I backed that idea and Tweeted my support for it to Merseytravel which they seemed to like the idea of. I note that the new roof is however not a living one, but what I don’t know is whether this is a temporary fix prior to putting a living roof on. Does anyone know more about this?

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2 thoughts on “Melling – Trying out its new Prescot Rd/Bank Lane safe cycle route

  1. CJ says:

    Tony, I think it’s worth adding as well, west of the motorway junction is a disgrace.

    1, Speeding – because of the speeds that cars are coming off the new upgraded junction – is getting worse (I was even overtaken outside Ashworth the other week and was doing the limit!), and the same goes for Park Lane, which is supposed to be 20mph. Whilst I think that speed limit is too unrealistically low, people still smash 40 and 50 down there. It is of course, a rat run to the motorway. And then there’s the new housing estate, which has only exacerbated traffic and the type of traffic too. Lots of industrial vehicles.

    2, There is no cycle provision along School Lane, and barely any footway to speak of. Yet despite the massive new housing estate, the multi-million pound motorway junction, AND this horrible new Starbucks Park being built next to it, there’s STILL no safe route from that Kirkby cycle lane into Maghull. It’s an absolute disgrace and needs raising with Esterson, who I can’t email because I’m from outside the area.

    That motorway junction was never nice to use on a bike before all this nonsense started, but now its twice as dangerous, with new slip-roads thrown into the mix, and I’m guessing twice as much traffic, though I’d like to see the stats on that.

    Btw, the new slip road going TOWARD Liverpool is a pure accident waiting to happen. People coming flying round from Maghull Lane onto it, so what used to be a quiet way across has now been split up into two new crossings, but at least the other one coming FROM Liverpool forces cars to slow down at the end, to give way.

    But either way, the Transport Planners have done an awful job from a cycle safety perspective. The roundabout is like an F1 race track, so the end result is all the surrounding roads are subsequently turned into race tracks too. Why oh why there is no speed camera or speed humps along Park Lane will never fail to amaze me. Surely you’ve raised this before, Tony?

    • Can’t say I have asked for speed cameras on Park Lane Maghull/Melling. It’s an oddly speed limited road to my mind, being 20mph. This means virtually all traffic breaks the speed limit along it but, if I have this correctly, the Police don’t enforce 20mph limits so, if I’m right, it means no one is checking?

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