Johnson should be facing down the DUP not pandering to them

As readers of this blog site will recall, I quite often check in on what Jim Hancock says via his ‘Hancock’s Half Page’ blog site as I share his views sometimes but respect them even when I don’t. The piece below on the complete and utter shambles surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol is Jim Hancock at his best:-

‘The Northern Ireland protocol is an international treaty. Tearing it up would further damage our international reputation, already harmed by Brexit. Johnson should be facing down the Democratic Unionists with a threat to change the Good Friday agreement to allow parties that are willing to form a government at Stormont to do so. Many businesses are reporting they are thriving as the province benefits from its unique status between the UK and the EU Single Market. The DUP voted for Brexit. They are responsible for the checks which, they say, distance themselves from Great Britain.’

I’m not at all sure what the end game will be but it seems to serve both the Tories and the failing DUP to keep the NIP on the boil as it’s more raw meat to feed to Brexiteers. But this is dangerous politics which puts peace in NI at great risk. The DUP may have nothing to lose now as they look to be in significant decline, with a united Ireland a real probability and just a matter of time.

Politicians who have nothing to lose will hit out and do pretty much anything and the bad consequences will always be someone else’s fault. For Johnson, who finds himself in his own self-made nothing to lose predicament, pandering to the DUP (or in reality continuing to manipulate them) risks everything.

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