Flooding – Lydiate – Moss Lane

I think I have managed to get around all the significant flooding sites in the Maghull & Lydiate area now with Moss Lane, Lydiate (not to be confused with Moss Lane, Maghull) being my latest visit.

I took a few photos today and had a chat with a couple of residents, one of whom I have known for years as he used to be a Lydiate Parish Councillor.

A pump at work in Moss Lane

Clearly, this particular site has a long history of flooding trouble and Council engineers are, I am told, fully aware of things. Indeed, prior to this latest incident they have been working on potential solutions to the flooding.

I now need to follow this one through to see what can be done to help residents.

Contractors working on the road today

Flooded field off Moss Lane

Flooding – Maghull

I was just a little surprised when I realised that Maghull Town Council had issued an emergency number for townspeople to call with regard to the floods.

Parish and Town Councils do not feature as one of the statutory responders within the Civil Contingencies Act which brings to together all the obvious respondents i.e. in our area Sefton Council, Police, Ambulance, Fire etc. etc.

Obviously the publishing of a Town Council number was well meant but I fear that it could only lead to an unnecessary call only for folks to be redirected and anyway how could the Town Council monitor the line 24 hours when none of its staff work throughout the night?

Anyway, I let it go only to find out that Sefton Council are seemingly far from happy about the Town Council’s publication of their number. Just goes to show how things can go wrong even with the best of intensions.

Maghull Flooding – Fouracres, Millbank and Kenyons Lane

I went back to Fouracres today to see how things are going and had a chat with a friend of mine who lives there. The Council’s senior drainage engineer was also there and I had the chance to talk things through with him. I would add that Cllr. Blackburn and I were there around 8pm last night and things were looking a bit grim then in that another flood was clearly on the cards. Pumps were being delivered and set up at that time.

The message I picked up today was twofold i.e. residents want a multi-agency meeting to understand what happened, why it happened and what can be done to try to stop it happening again. Having spoken to the Leader of Sefton Council I am pleased he has such a meeting planned. The second point was why were the pumps deployed too late to deal with the second flood last night? It seems that at one point yesterday the advice was that there was not going to be a further heavy period of rain and when it was realised that there would be it left too little time to get the pumps in. Here is another photo of the flooding in Fouracres bewteen two houses yesterday.

Flooding between two houses in Fouracres

I have also been to have a look at flooding problems in Millbank and Kenyons Lane in Maghull. What I saw was a swollen brook which was full of rubbish and some sand-bagged properties in Kenyons Lane. A resident has asked me to have a look at the Millbank flooding problem to see if I can assist them.

The brook at the side of Millbank - It was full of floating rubbish

Living in a low lying area which for generations has had to be drained makes me think that the floods should not be a huge surprise. Yes, the rainfall was incredibly heavy and prolonged but it has to be remembered that the land between Maghull and Sefton Village was called the Meadows and it flooded and indeed iced over every winter and that is within the last century. Indeed, an old Conservative Councillor who died around 10 years ago in his 90’s told me how he was born and brought up in Sefton Village and skated on the meadows. The main reason there are only occasional floods now is because of the high bunds built either side of the River Alt, which drains a vast area of Sefton Borough.

Here are a couple more pictures to share:-

Field at junction of Millbank with Kenyons Ln/Park Ln

Sand-bagged properties just around the corner from Millbank in Kenyons Ln

Flooding – Sefton Parish

Here is my last posting about today’s flooding showing Bridges Lane and the River Alt in Sefton Parish. Bridges Lane was closed to traffic because of the floods.

Bridges Ln between Dovers Brook and the River Alt

River Alt looking south towards Switch Island - It takes virtually all the surface water for miles around out to sea at Hightown

Flooding – Maghull

Here are some photo’s of the floods as they have affected Maghull residents in Sefton Lane and Fouracres.

I visited a number of sites today and spoke to residents, the Police, an insurance assessor and Council officials.

Photo’s to follow for Lydiate and Sefton Parishes.

Some properties have been badly affected today and we will all be thinking of the residents who are living with the consequences of major flooding.

A flooded front garden in Fouracres where some folks had to leave their homes due to water getting inside their houses

The brook behind Fouracres which over-topped

Affected cottages in Sefton Lane - Sadly flooding here has a long history; I recall it happening in the early 1970's

A very high Dovers Brook next to the Sefton Lane Cottages. The brook is the boundary between Maghull and Sefton Civil Parishes