Leeds Liverpool Canal – Times they change!

I recently had reason to look out what I think was only the second ever FOCUS leaflet issued in Maghull; that was in 1980 – 31 years ago!

The lead article was about about the Leeds Liverpool Canal calling for it to become a leisure facility to be enhanced. It had been prompted by some calls for the canal to be filled in! Look at the difference now as estate agents say that houses backing onto the canal can have up to a 20% premium on top of what would be the price elsewhere in the area.

The ‘fill the cut in’ idea was very much alive in the late 1960’s and 1970’s in urban communities across the Country as some folks thought that canals had had their day and were dangerous if kids fell into them.

The Leeds Liverpool Canal through Maghull

Now canals are highly thought of by many people and Sefton’s local canal winds through Bootle, Aintree Village, Melling, Maghull and Lydiate on its way to Wigan and beyond to distant Leeds. 31 years is a long time to be delivering FOCUS and it shows how times change and how communities think.

Putting politics before people

In recent months I have become more and more despairing with what my Sefton Cabinet colleague Iain Brodie -Browne calls our ‘Irresponsible Opposition’ on Sefton Council. A quick read of Iain’s recent article in his blog is time worth spending.

You see the savings required of Sefton Council are massive and it is not unreasonable to to say that a wartime spirit of co-operation is required to successfully address this huge task. Yet Sefton’s Labour Party are not really engaged in what is going on, indeed they have seemingly and I assume deliberately set out their stall not to participate in any meaningful way.

If you have read Iain’s blog you will see how deep party political co-operation has gone in neighbouring Liverpool, a place where consensus politics is utterly new and where raw bare-knuckle political battles have always been the norm. Yet if politicians in Liverpool with its unappealing history of partisan politics can unite around a common agenda why has the opposite happened in Sefton?

What is more surprising is that cross-party co-operation has been doing the rounds in Sefton since 1986 and all-party budgets have been agreed previously. So whilst Liverpool, with its Labour Party majority, comes together in a common cause, Sefton’s all-party administration has clearly fallen apart. Why is this?

As a consensus politician myself I have scratched my head a lot recently as the need for all-party co-operation has never been greater. However, the obvious factor is that Labour on Sefton Council desperately do not want to work with other parties any more. Instead they have chosen to seek out a populist position where they support all opposition to the required savings and they even deny that the savings are required. As I have said before this harks back to the Militant era and I am saddened by this.  Of course what they are offering those who sign up to their agenda is false hope and they know that only too well.

My guess is that in Liverpool Labour have seen the dangers of the opposition to the savings agenda developing into an upsurge in extremist left wing politics and having been there once before in the 1980’s they do not want to be dragged back. In Sefton a more naive Labour Party has lost its head and in doing so has lost its ability to influence outcomes. No wonder a recent letter writer to the press in Sefton has blasted Labour for this stance and that from a Labour supporter.

Crosby Conservative Club is no more

Readers may recall that I commented on this rather odd situation a few weeks ago whereby good old Jack Colbert had been asked to help save a club that had been a Conservative Club since before the Second World War. Jack was in fact asked to Chair the club as he has been a regular (and very good) snooker player there for some time. Yes, Jack Colbert that prominent Lib Dem activist who made that wonderful one liner comment when asked about his involvement in the Club by the press, “I only go for three reasons; because there’s cheap ale, good snooker tables and no Conservatives!”

Well, what you may not know is that the matter was made public by the Tories in the hope of making Jack look daft. I thought at the time it was a odd strategy as it was their Club going down the tubes and so it has proved.  

Jack was right there aren’t any Tories there and the Club has just voted to change its name and not to have anything more to do with the Tories! This has to be a most bizarre situation but one where Jack has helped save the Club whilst kicking the Tory Party into touch.

Sefton Conservatives have been in meltdown for a long time and Jack has helped them along their declining way.

Who runs Sefton Council?

No party has had a controlling majority for well over 20 years. There are no voting pacts, although the Conservatives once went into a short lived coalition with Labour to public amazement in 2008.

Sefton is a ‘shared power’ council with 66 councillors (28 Liberal Democrats, 23 Labour, 13 Conservatives (of which 3 are Independent Conservatives) and 1 UKIP. Of the 13 Tories, three of them, all respected and experienced councillors, remain members of the national Conservative Party but have been abruptly suspended from the Sefton Council Conservative Group and all Committees.

The powerful Cabinet of the Council has 4 Lib Dems on it together with 4 Labour and 2 Conservatives making a total of 10.

Labour claim that they don’t have any control over the Council yet their Leader is the Deputy Leader of the Council!

Roy and Rosy

On Sunday I managed to spend a few moments with an old friend of mine, former Maghull Councillor Roy Connell who lives in Ainsdale these days.

Roy has been a good friend and fellow community campaigner for many years (see my post of a couple of days ago about Maghull in Bloom for a photo of Roy) and it is good to see him helping to organise Ainsdale Ward Lib Dems.

It was a chance to discuss old times with Roy his wife Beth and to meet their Chocolate Labrador again. Rosy is an old lady now but sitting with her on Roy’s floor was a delight. This is Rosy

Red Square or Maghull Square?

The Labour Party had a march from Maghull Square to Maghull Town Hall yesterday to protest about the Council savings that are having to be made in Sefton due to greedy bankers and the last spend, spend, spend, Labour Government.

Those willing to listen were treated to Maghull Square Shopping Centre being likened to ‘Red Square’ in Moscow! Now we really do know that Labour has the Trots again.

But those of us who are sick of having to live with the appalling cuts and savings which have been brought about by Labour and their greedy banker mates are not taken in by such marches. We know who is to blame for this mess.