Maghull Shooting – More News

With thanks to the BBC Web site

Two men have been arrested in connection with a shooting on Merseyside, police have said. A 19-year-old man was shot in the head on Hall Lane, Maghull, just after 16:10 GMT on Thursday.

Police believe he was shot by someone in a Mercedes car, just after the car he was travelling in collided with it. Police said a 24-year-old man from Bootle and a 16-year-old from Maghull have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Liverpool Mayor Jo Anderson’s budget plans – Were they just poor value for money investments?

Oh dear, what has gone wrong in Liverpool? Even the Liverpool Echo (not known for giving Labour a hard time) is clearly pointing to the fact that the Mayor’s plans were rejected on the basis of them not bringing in enough private sector funding to match the public funds to be invested.

It must be a worry to all of us who live in communities surrounding Liverpool to see that the Mayor’s bid for Government money has not passed muster. Liverpool’s prosperity affects communities well beyond the City boundaries so it is vital that Liverpool gets it right.

Let’s hope that Jo Anderson can get an agreement with a better package.

Maghull shooting – An update

Check out the Liverpool Echo article above for the latest news.

A web search sadly also reminds us that this is the second shooting in Maghull this year. The link to the BCC web site below takes us back to February 2012 when the first shooting happened.

Maghull Town Council – Labour finally discusses a planning application!

Its 18 months since Labour grabbed control of Maghull Town Council and the reluctance of Labour to discuss planning applications in the Town has been very odd indeed.

However, last Wednesday they broke their duck and Cllr. Byrne brought one to the Council – I think he is to be congratulated.

The sad thing is that when controversial planning applications such as the land off Damfield Lane were doing the rounds Labour steadfastly refused to discuss the applications on the Town Council despite being asked to do so on a number of occasions by former Cllr. Cliff Mainey, Cllr. Blackburn and myself.

We can only hope that Cllr. Byrne’s move of last Wednesday will not be followed by more ducking and diving over future plans that the Council should be expressing an opinion on. Well done Maurice Byrne.

Police Commissioners elections – Merseyside stayed in bed, at home or took the dog out for a walk instead!

The predicted appalling turn-out in the election of 15th November was right; few folks were interested in participating. Indeed, the turn-out on Merseyside was just 12.4% of those registered to vote!

The political parties (all of them) showed little enthusiasm to campaign and that’s putting it politely. I did not get the promised Government leaflet through my door and neither did some other folks I have spoken to.

It seems that whilst Government, or at least the Conservative wing of it, thought this was the best idea since sliced bread few others agreed.

Most folks will probably not have known how the democratic input into their local Police Force worked before this election but neither did they think it needed to be changed. If they had the turn-out would have been significantly higher. It all comes down to politicians trying to fix something that was not broken; oh how they like to meddle!

Oh yes, how were the Police governed prior to this election? Well they were run by a Police Authority that was made up of councillors drawn from across Merseyside, in our case, plus some magistrates and it seemed to work quite well.

Probably best forgotten now and it will be until the new Commissioners come up with eccentric ideas that gain the media’s attention. I suppose a few bust-ups between Chief Constables and Commissioners must be on the cards to fill 24 hour news programmes but will we have better policing as a consequence?