More Fly Tipping

Today around 200 tyres have been dumped around Park Wall Road between Lunt, Ince Blundell and Thornton as the environmental vandals step up their criminal activities.

I continue to work with Council Environmental Officers but please keep your eye out for trucks of any sort in country lanes as they could well be fly tipping. We need registration numbers and times and dates when they were seen. Together we can catch these beggars who are costing us all money as our Council Tax has to pay to take away what the criminals dump.

This photo shows the result of fly tipping which all but filled up the car park by Handcock's Bridge a few months ago. Lib Dem campaigners Cllr. Geoff Howe, Peter Gill and Jack Colbert are seen checking the mess out prior to it removal from what is actually private land owned by a local company.

A day in York

Time off from trying to sort out Sefton’s very difficult savings package has been rare indeed over the past few months but yesterday my wife, her sister and husband and I had a day in York.

It was packed but a nice lunch in the Castle Tea Rooms and a wander around to try to clear my head was useful. Above is Clifford’s Tower – I took the photo on a previous visit.

Above is a Liberal locomotive! Again, taken on a previous visit when I made my usual pilgrimage to the wonderful National Railway Museum.

Fly Tipping – The scurge of our countryside

Fly tipping is anti social behaviour and criminal but it is very hard to catch those who do it.

The lanes between Lunt Village and Thornton suffer particularly badly and that has been the case for some time now. I often see tipping and report it to the Council. I have found tyres, asbestos, white goods, furniture etc. and not just around Lunt Village. Recently I have reported glass bottle tipping in Spuriers Lane Melling, general tipping in Sandy Lane Melling, Huge amounts of commercial tipping in the car park by Handcock’s Canal Bridge in Aintree Village and only yesterday found a dumped sofa in Poverty Lane Maghull.

The tippers cost us all money as the Council has to pay to take away their rubbish that they can’t be bothered disposing of in the appropriate way. If you know anyone involved in fly tipping please let me know and I will get the Council to investigate their activities. If we can make an example of someone doing it a message will be sent others.

DIY – Doing it at home and whilst out delivering Focus newsletters

I am presently involved in some heavy DIY work but fitting it in around Council business and community campaigning means it will be a long task indeed. Don’t tell my good lady!

The other day I was out delivering Focus when I came across a retired lady of some years who was trying to climb a step ladder to get at something at the top of her open front door. It turned out that the high winds of recent times had damaged a stay that stops the door from opening too far. The next thing I knew I was up the steps trying to remove the bent stay for her. All went well and I removed the offending item from the door. We had a chat and parted company and then in the post a couple of days later came a note from that very same lady. It was an amusing draft of an advertising card for me to copy and deliver around the community advertising my DIY services with an additional note asking whether I knew anything about bleeding radiators.

The things that happen to you out in the community but better that I fell off the steps than the retired lady. I didn’t but they were very wobbly!

Labour – Protesting against what they helped to cause!

I was struck by recent protests about the cuts and savings having to be made by local government. My point being that the Labour Party has more than a little cheek to be participating in them.

You see the financial crisis that we are in was not caused by the Liberal Democrats neither was it caused by Tories. It happened towards the end of Labour’s 13 years in Government. On that basis Labour have clearly had a hand in what we are suffering now; how much of a hand is difficult to say but my reasonably considered view is that 75% was caused by irresponsible bankers and 25% by a Labour Government that got too cosy with UK bankers and turned a deaf ear to the dire financial warnings being given by the likes of Vice Cable.

So how are Labour getting away with it? The media seem to have forgotten the causes of the crisis and concentrate only on the consequences of it. How convenient for the Labour Party. But the bottom line is still that each job lost and each local government service lost has ‘Caused by Bankers and Labour’ stamped on it.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority – A lesson in how Labour really works

Not long ago I was informed that Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service was proposing a 4% increase in its precept on Merseyside Council tax payers! To say that I was surprised is to put it mildly and the message of  ‘you have got to be kidding in this financial climate’ was sent back to them from every corner of the County. They backed off and said there would be no increase.

But how about savings? Well in Sefton Councilors allowances/wages are being reduced by 5% so Lib Dems on the Labour run Fire Authority tried to propose a similar reduction there. To do this some convoluted standing order had to be lifted and guess what Labour voted that it was not lifted so the proposal could not be put!

Now there is Labour at work for you