Who runs Sefton Council?

No party has had a controlling majority for well over 20 years. There are no voting pacts, although the Conservatives once went into a short lived coalition with Labour to public amazement in 2008.

Sefton is a ‘shared power’ council with 66 councillors (28 Liberal Democrats, 23 Labour, 13 Conservatives (of which 3 are Independent Conservatives) and 1 UKIP. Of the 13 Tories, three of them, all respected and experienced councillors, remain members of the national Conservative Party but have been abruptly suspended from the Sefton Council Conservative Group and all Committees.

The powerful Cabinet of the Council has 4 Lib Dems on it together with 4 Labour and 2 Conservatives making a total of 10.

Labour claim that they don’t have any control over the Council yet their Leader is the Deputy Leader of the Council!

Roy and Rosy

On Sunday I managed to spend a few moments with an old friend of mine, former Maghull Councillor Roy Connell who lives in Ainsdale these days.

Roy has been a good friend and fellow community campaigner for many years (see my post of a couple of days ago about Maghull in Bloom for a photo of Roy) and it is good to see him helping to organise Ainsdale Ward Lib Dems.

It was a chance to discuss old times with Roy his wife Beth and to meet their Chocolate Labrador again. Rosy is an old lady now but sitting with her on Roy’s floor was a delight. This is Rosy

Red Square or Maghull Square?

The Labour Party had a march from Maghull Square to Maghull Town Hall yesterday to protest about the Council savings that are having to be made in Sefton due to greedy bankers and the last spend, spend, spend, Labour Government.

Those willing to listen were treated to Maghull Square Shopping Centre being likened to ‘Red Square’ in Moscow! Now we really do know that Labour has the Trots again.

But those of us who are sick of having to live with the appalling cuts and savings which have been brought about by Labour and their greedy banker mates are not taken in by such marches. We know who is to blame for this mess.

Maghull in Bloom – Progress report

We now have an active co-ordinating committee in place to support the work of the excellent volunteers and it is meeting on a monthly basis.

We have support from Ashworth Hospital, Kennet Prison, The Parkhaven Trust, Altside Business Village, Maghull Town Council and Sefton Council.

3 friends of mine admiring the blooms in Maghull Square shopping Centre - They are Roy Connell (retired Maghull Councillor), Richard Clein, and Cllr. Bruce Hubbard

The next big step will be to make a Town Entry to North West in Bloom as opposed to the individual Neighbourhood entries that the volunteers have previously submitted over the past 3 years.

The hugely successful Maghull Station Volunteers are of course part of the project and at our last co-ordinating meeting we had visitors from Melling in Bloom and Maghull Photography Club. The Melling in Bloom Volunteers are a fledgling group who did their first significant display in 2010 and they want to learn from the more established Maghull volunteers how to take things to the next stage. The Photography Club have been invited to help with the publicity of Maghull in Bloom.

So far all is going well and I am delighted to be working with both ‘In Bloom’ Groups who have such a positive outlook for their two communities.

More Fly Tipping

Today around 200 tyres have been dumped around Park Wall Road between Lunt, Ince Blundell and Thornton as the environmental vandals step up their criminal activities.

I continue to work with Council Environmental Officers but please keep your eye out for trucks of any sort in country lanes as they could well be fly tipping. We need registration numbers and times and dates when they were seen. Together we can catch these beggars who are costing us all money as our Council Tax has to pay to take away what the criminals dump.

This photo shows the result of fly tipping which all but filled up the car park by Handcock's Bridge a few months ago. Lib Dem campaigners Cllr. Geoff Howe, Peter Gill and Jack Colbert are seen checking the mess out prior to it removal from what is actually private land owned by a local company.

A day in York

Time off from trying to sort out Sefton’s very difficult savings package has been rare indeed over the past few months but yesterday my wife, her sister and husband and I had a day in York.

It was packed but a nice lunch in the Castle Tea Rooms and a wander around to try to clear my head was useful. Above is Clifford’s Tower – I took the photo on a previous visit.

Above is a Liberal locomotive! Again, taken on a previous visit when I made my usual pilgrimage to the wonderful National Railway Museum.