Maghull Town Council – Oops an illegal meeting has to be cancelled.

I have posted many times before about the strange goings on at Labour-run Maghull Council but they just keep on coming.

This time it’s a meeting that was called without regard to the due legal notice period that all Councils have to observe and it’s a problem this Labour council has fallen over before. On this occasion the notice was issued on a Monday for a meeting to be held on a Thursday when the earliest a meeting that is called on a Monday can be held is the following Friday. There has to be 3 clear days between the date the agenda is issued and the date the meeting is held. Fortunately, the mistake was spotted and the Thursday meeting cancelled, although strangely no official cancellation notice was actually issued to members of the Council.

And what was the Special Meeting all about? It was to do with Sefton Council’s highly controversial Local Plan which is now in its second period of public consultation. The first period being back in 2011 when Maghull Council said er nothing! In fact the second 3 month period of consultation finished today Friday 27th September.

I am told that in the absence of a properly called Council meeting the Town Council has sent in a provisional position statement that will be open to be amended when the Council next meets on Wednesday 2nd October. What the provisional statement says your guess is as good as mine, as I post this item, but hey I am but a humble opposition member of the Council.

Westway, Maghull – Dangerous narrow pavement


Cllr. Jen Robertson spotted this recently and discussed with me what we can do to try to get it cut back.

The land from which the overgrowth emanates is called The Dell and it is owned by the NHS as it forms part of the grounds of Maghull Health Centre. Recent NHS reorganisation required a bit of detective work to be undertaken to find out whom the responsible NHS official may be who can get the work done. We hope we have found the right person and this photo has been sent to them with a request for urgent cutting back of the offending overgrowth.

Separately, Maghull in Bloom volunteers are offering their services to the NHS to help maintain this dell (as I have posted about previously) and a response is awaited.

UPDATE – Still no progress in the NHS cutting back their overgrowth so another reminder sent 1/11/13.

South Meade/Hinchley Green, Maghull – Problem UU box gets sorted at last

The latest UU green box, quite an improvement on the monster sized one they put in earlier this year

The latest UU green box, quite an improvement on the monster sized one they put in earlier this year

This was the supersized one which had to go!

This was the supersized one which had to go!

I must admit to getting a little confused over this matter – my postings of 02/02/13 & 05/03/13 give the background.

My confusion was due to a planning application that is presently going through Sefton Council’s system which I had spotted. Ah, I thought, I will need to keep an eye on this as residents were up in arms over this matter earlier in the year for the reasons I posted about on the dates above.

But it turns out all is OK because United Utilities have already backed down, taken out the offending 6ft tall box and replaced it with a much smaller one that is far more in keeping with the ‘village green’ environment and the two smaller boxes that had been there previously. I had not realised that the offending box had gone since I was last in South Meade 3 to 4 weeks ago.

All sorted now and I think all will be happy with the solution.

Lower Alt Wind Farm Project

I have commented on this matter a number of times in the past few months but this posting is to assist those looking to get involved with the campaign group HALT that is fighting against the 24 Blackpool Tower sized wind turbines that are being proposed for the piece of land in West Lancashire that splits the middle of Sefton Borough between Lydiate and Ince Blundell.

Please have a look a HALT’s web site.