Plastic bottle recycling or not?

Some time ago I asked a Recycling Officer at the Council what happened to plastic bottles that are left around a recycling skip as opposed to being in it. The question was posed because of overflowing skips that were too small.


The answer was that plastic bottles not in the skip went to landfill and I recall this gained some publicity at the time as the Council was under pressure to increase the size/number of its skips.

Now the skip I use in Maghull’s Morrisons car park is of a decent size and I have yet to encounter it too full to take any more plastic bottles. However, I have seen bags of bottles left on top of it a number of times recently and am wondering why.

It seems a shame if someone is going to the trouble of doing a good green deed by collecting bottles up and transporting them to the recycling skip only for them not to be put in the skip.

Lower Alt Wind Farm – latest news

A group of over 60 people met in Ince Blundell on 9th May due to big concerns in that small rural community that I used to represent some 10 or more years ago when I was first a Molyneux Ward Councillor and Ince Blundell Parish was then in that ward of Sefton.

The wind farm will, should it gain planning permission, be on land that is a part of West Lancashire, not Sefton, because of the somewhat odd drawing of local government boundaries in 1974 when Sefton Borough was created.

I have already made clear my own views which are that nothing should be constructed on the high grade (best and most versatile to give it is recognised title) agricultural land that is what the proposed site is made up of.

I hear that there are suggestions of concerned people engaging professional legal/planning advice as they take forward their concerns and objections about this wind farm plan.

The petition against the proposed development that a mentioned in a previous posting is available to sign in Edie Pope’s Church View Farm Shop on Southport Road, Lydiate.

Sefton’s Local Plan – A resident reminds me of my posting of 6th December 2012

Its 5 months since I wrote that particular posting but what I said is still valid in my view.

I went to a presentation last week in Bootle Town Hall about the emerging findings of something called the ‘Consequences Study’ which is being undertaken by planning consultants NLP for Sefton Council. It seems reasonably clear to me from that event that the house building ‘requirement’ for Sefton is being built (sorry for the pun) upon a significantly rising population created in no small part by predicted inward immigration into the Borough from elsewhere. That ‘from elsewhere’ is what ONS (Office of National Statistics) are trying to predict, although not in my view with any great certainty.

There was a chap at the presentation from Thornton Parish Council and he asked about such ONS projections and their validity. His point, I think, was that ONS will have taken immigration into the UK together with UK residents moving around and extrapolated an answer for each local authority area but that can’t be much more than sticking a finger up in the wind as how on earth can anyone know how many immigrants will want to settle in Sefton as opposed to anywhere else?

The bottom line for me is that despite all the work and studies the house building ‘requirement’ for Sefton is little more than informed guesswork. But, when the best and most versatile agricultural land in England is at stake, if it gets built upon, it seems environmentally daft to me to put it at risk based on highly questionable/unpredictable population stats.

My guts tell me that preserving that mere 2% of England’s land mass that is such high grade agricultural land and which makes up the vast majority of Sefton’s Green Belt has to be the priority for feeding future generations.

Despite my strong attachment to environmental sustainability I am trying to keep an open mind about Sefton’s Local Plan as it begins to emerge, but it is hard going.

My thanks to the local resident from Lydiate for raising this with me again.

Maghull in Bloom – 2nd Update Posting

This second in my present series of Maghull in Bloom postings concerns that piece of land outside the Royal Mail Sorting Office in Liverpool Road North Maghull. Readers will know I have often commented on the need to get this most prominent of grot spots sorted out.

It looks as if further progress will soon be made as the Maghull in Bloom volunteers have been working on a plan to get the area properly landscaped. This was how it looked a few days ago; hardly attractive! Let’s hope the volunteer’s plans bring about that long required spruce up. I am sure it will as they usually succeed where council’s and other land owners have failed.


Save our Green Belt – What will Maghull Council do under its new Leader?


Maghull Town Council has a new (Interim) Labour Leader in the form of Sandra Williams; she is the third Leader of the Council in less than 2 years. But why do I mention this revolving door of Labour Leaders?

History teaches us many things and this time it comes from an edition of a former newspaper that used to cover the Maghull area called the Maghull and Aintree Advertiser, which was a part of the Ormskirk Advertiser Group. Its edition of 30th July 1998, which is reproduced above, was all about how the Town Council under its then Lib Dem rulers was fighting to save the Green Belt.

In those days there were just two members of the Council who were from the Labour Party and one of them was none other than our new Interim Council Leader Sandra Williams. Whilst I appreciate the above reproduction of the article is necessarily small the interesting part is the third paragraph of the main article and I quote:-

‘Maghull Town Council Leader Tony Robertson made the proposal and was backed by 12 councillors with only Labour’s Sandra Williams abstaining.’

So back in 1998 Sandra was reluctant to support Green Belt defence as shown by her abstention. But what will she lead the Town Council to do now as she has moved from opposition councillor to Leader of the Council? Will she follow fellow Maghull Town Councillor and Sefton Borough Council Leader Peter Dowd who has recently upset many Green Belt campaigners by openly talking about building on the Green Belt? Or will she back MP for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson, who says he opposes building on Green Belt?

During the last round of public consultation over the future of our Green Belt in 2011 Labour led Maghull Town Council stood out like a sore thumb due to its abject failure to make a submission to Sefton Council in defence of our precious Green Belt.

Interesting historical notes:-

* The other Labour member of Maghull TC back in 1998 was Glenys Jones who sadly passed away some years ago.

* Cllr. Andrew Beattie (second from right hand side of photo) sadly died in 1999.

* Cllr. John Sharman (left hand side of photo) can still be seen out and about in Maghull and he is heavily involved in Aughton & Maghull Rotary Club.

* Former Town Councillor Charles (Uncle Albert) Walker (second from left) is now a young 91 years old and still turns out to the weekly quizzes at Maghull Town Hall on a Wednesday evening.

* It seems I had dark hair back in 1998 (ugly one on right hand side of photo)!

Windfarm plan blows up a storm for Labour MP?

I was just a little taken aback to read this web site today.

Assuming the allegations are true there are questions to be answered here. If they are not true I am sure the MP will tell us so.

Those with longish memories will recall that former Labour Minister James Purnell was caught doing precisely this some years ago. He apologised and the Labour Party gave assurances that this behaviour would not be repeated.

Time for Labour to issue a statement is it not?