Maghull – Leighton Avenue car park lights – an update and the strange story of a Council connecting into a private electicity supply?

My previous posting on this matter of a few days ago refers – see link below:-

I have spoken to the Maghull Group Company who own Maghull’s Leighton Avenue car park and they tell me they are aware of the non-working street lamps in this car park and are trying to fix them. I hope they appreciate the urgency of getting the lights back on especially at this time of year when it can be very dark in that car park by late afternoon.


As an aside when talking to them I picked up on a rather odd story, which if I have understood things correctly, seems to indicated that Maghull Town Council or possibly someone contracted to work for it caused some electricity issues in an around the Maghull Square Shopping Centre when they connected up to the Maghull Group’s electricity supply recently. I assume that would have happened during installation of the Christmas lights earlier this month?

The Christmas lights seem to be working OK now but for the first week or so there were clearly problems in the continuity of the electric supply so to speak.

Funny how you take up one issue as a local councillor and another seemingly related one pops out too.

Liverpool – Death of off duty police officer – What are we coming to?

The Liverpool Echo has the emerging story – see link above

The tragic death of an off duty police officer whilst enjoying a night out must send shivers down all our spines. There is no justification for violence like this under any circumstances. Liverpool city centre is generally known to be a reasonably safe place at night so this incident, where it seems 3 off duty police officers were attacked, is all the more shocking.

The perpetrators of this, like any other incident where violence is used against anyone, need to be brought to justice and taken off our streets.

Our thoughts at this time of year, when many of us are celebrating Christmas, must be with the families who are coping with this terrible crime.

Maghull Green Belt – More pressure being heaped on Labour councillors

Below is the text of an e-mail sent to Labour members of Sefton Council by a clearly well informed Maghull resident following the Overview & Scrutiny meeting on Sefton’s draft Local Plan which I commented on recently on this blog site:-


I attended last nights meeting, a debut for me, and was surprised by the orderly nature of the evening, considering the content. Whilst it is fair to say that Labour councillors are not on my Christmas present shopping list, (though Bill Esterson may get a surprise under his tree after his recent outburst) I must congratulate you on managing to get the planners,”on the ropes” a few times, particularly regarding roads and schools on the School Lane site, MN 338andMN246,( I assume M.N. stands for Maghull Newtown).

To admit that the cornerstone of the whole plan, 1400 houses etc. was still awaiting a traffic assessment and no “tipping point” would matter in terms of traffic volume, was quite frankly mind blowing. Should this not have been done BEFORE the site was put in the plan?

Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes surveys the present high grade agricultural land/Green Belt to the east of Maghull where a massive urban extension is being proposed by Labour-run Sefton Council

Simon Hughes MP and local Lib Dem Green Belt campaigners survey the present high grade agricultural land/Green Belt to the east of Maghull where a massive urban extension (‘Newtown’) is being proposed by Labour-run Sefton Council

Then in answer to your question about a catholic primary school, something they [Sefton Planning Dept.] had obviously not considered, to suggest they could go to St Georges would create even more traffic, have you ever seen the school run there.

This only confirmed my suspicions that someone from planning looked at a map, saw a big field and said, we’ll build here .

A quick point on figures discussed. The O.N.S [Office of National Statistics] project a population increase of 5,000 in the 16 years to 2031 and 6,000 in the 22 years to 2037.

The plan wants to build an average of 615 homes per year. Assuming a 2.2 [person] occupancy rate it means each year 1353 (615 X2.2) of the new population are housed, therefore it will take just over 3.5 years to house the 5,000 people in the 15 year plan period and just under 4.5 years to house the 6,000 in the 22 year period (5,000 divided by 1353 and 6,000 divided by 1353).

This means during the plan time 11.5 years worth of houses out of 15 years, 7072 houses to be exact, are not for the population increase as predicted but just to cover things like backlog, second homes, (come to sunny Maghull for your hols) etc. You must admit it is daft.

So come and join the Esterson camp you know it makes sense.

Your comments would be appreciated.


There can be little doubt that environmental campaigners around Sefton are putting together a strong case to challenge Labour-led Sefton Council’s draft Local Plan and that their campaigning is gathering pace and supporters. If only Maghull Town Council (also Labour run) had found the courage to fight the Planners proposals for the huge urban extension, or ‘Newtown‘ as referred to above, rather than allowing it all to wash over them. In the last round of what was then called the Unitary Development Plan in 1998 the Town Council (then Lib Dem-run) stood up and took on all comers to defend Maghull’s Green Belt and it won the day. If you don’t fight you can’t win and this time Maghull TC (now Labour-run) did not fight!

Southport – A ‘drunk tank’ for boozers to aid A&E!

Southport has a new visitor facility – a ‘Drunk Tank’ (Alcohol Recovery Centre) but I don’t think Sefton Council will be adding it to the brown signs advertising the Town’s attractions on its entrance roads. The Liverpool Echo has the story…………….

Flood risk locations – Maghull comes to mind

Plans to release flooding data

The Government has announced that real-time information on flooding risks around the country is to be made available by the Environment Agency.

A flooded front garden in Fouracres where some folks had to leave their homes due to water getting inside their houses

A flooded front garden in Fouracres where some folks had to leave their homes due to water getting inside their houses

The information will include water-level measurements taken every 15 minutes from rivers across the country. People whose homes are at risk of flooding will be able to use smartphone apps to find the likelihood that flood water will rise above a given level.

The Independent ran this story

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story.

With the serious flooding that happened in Fouracres and on Sefton Lane/Bridges Lane Maghull in 2012 any prior information will be helpful. Of course, ensuring that Dovers Brook is able to discharge into the The River Alt is the real answer to this local flooding problem!

Waterloo Level Crossing – A Blast from the past.


Click on the photo to enlarge it.

We all like to look at old photos. This one is from Waterloo and shows the level crossing in October 1906. The signal box was constructed in 1881. I recently purchased this photo from the National Railway Museum in York. The railway is now part of the Merseyrail Northern Line from Liverpool to Southport having originally been a part of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

The photo is amongst those on my Flickr site at:-