Gun Crime in Sefton – It is still a problem – Is it being effectively addressed?

Sad to see that gun crime incidents in Sefton are still taking place of the type that Maghull suffered from in the Mad March of 2013.

I would like to see our Merseyside Crime and Policing Commissioner Jane Kennedy say clearly and publicly what is being done to rid the streets of Sefton (and indeed Merseyside) of gun crime because these incidents keep on happening on a regular basis particularly in the south of the Borough.

Thornton – Switch Island Link Road news update

Another of my reasonably regular updates on the progress of building this new road from Switch Island to Thornton.

These shots were taken from Chapel Lane in Netherton looking both north (you can see Sefton church in this shot) and south towards Switch Island. They were taken on 14th November. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Looks more like a canal being dug as recent heavy rain has been causing construction challenges!

Looks more like a canal being dug as recent heavy rain has been causing construction challenges!

The initial stone surface is going down in this view towards Switch Island.

The initial stone surface is going down in this view towards Switch Island.

Maghull – Death of student attending Maricourt High School and racism

What are we coming to when we read of things like this. And this on our own doorstep and associated with a much sought after High School. Words fail me they really do. There is no place for hate and racism in our society; have we learned nothing from humanitarian crimes of Hitler and his like?

Lydiate – Residents say dairy wagons are responsible for churned up grass verge – Kenyons Lane

What a mess, this grass verge is in Lydiate’s Kenyon’s Lane.


Residents tell me that the problem is caused by the size of the lorries accessing the dairy opposite their homes. It seems that due to the entrance to the dairy being too narrow for large lorries to be able to turn in straight off the carriageway they are mounting the grass verge to try to widen their turning circle. Trouble is the consequences for the verge are dire indeed.

Having spoken to some of the residents living opposite the dairy I have asked Sefton Council’s Highways Dept. to look into the matter with a view to finding a sensible solution as clearly things can’t go on as they are.

The residents clearly want to live in harmony with the dairy and they tell me that representations have previously been made by them in an attempt to get the problem addressed.

More news when I have it.

Flooding – Southport Road Lydiate – Update report – Let’s hope it is sorted now

My recent posting refers:-

A Sefton Council Highways Inspector visited the location on the 13.11.14 and identified 3 blocked road gullies and I am told that an instruction has been issued to the Council’s contractor to attend to them.

The next heavy rain fall will certainly let us know if the work has been a success!

Say ‘NO’ to Joe – Power to communities not politicians

Liverpool’s elected Mayor Joe Anderson says he wants to be Mayor for the whole of Liverpool City Region. Its time we said ‘NO’ to him and indeed anyone else who wants to run the affairs of communities outside of Liverpool from Liverpool.


No good will come from places like Prescot, Southport, Lydiate, Wallasey, St Helens, Maghull, Birkenhead or any other of the numerous communities that make up the Liverpool City Region being run from Liverpool Town Hall.

Neither will any good come from putting power into the hands of just one person to Lord it over so many diverse communities.

Whether it be the personal ambitions of Joe Anderson or anyone else the firm answer from our City Region communities has to be ‘NO’.

We want power devolved to communities so they can decide their own future not power concentrated in the hands of one person who will remotely decide the future of communities they may well never have set foot in.