Peter Dowd will be next MP for Bootle

It kind of shows how poor our electoral system is when I can confidently predict the result of the next General Election in one constituency!

Peter Dowd has won his Party’s selection – the election involving the good people of Bootle is now all but irrelevant.

With Peter becoming an MP and I would add filling the boots of Joe Benton, one of the nicest people in politics, who will lead Sefton Council?

The choice is not obvious and no one really stands out within the Labour Group to fill Peter’s boots. There could be quite a punch up over this as that’s how Labour does its internal politics I hear.

Minion Knuffel Groot – Lydiate invaded!

Where else but at the mad, mad world of the farm shop at Church View Farm, Southport Road Lydiate run by Cllr. Edie Pope and her husband.



No wonder kids love this farm shop. He is made from two bails of hay, an old tyre and plenty of paint.

Seriously, Edie and her family do a huge amount of charitable fund raising especially for cancer charities and she has a raffle coming up on 25th October. Stock up on spuds and oranges and buy a raffle ticket as well.

The two photos above are amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Is Maghull’s greatest priority – a bandstand?

I have commented previously about this and frankly I can’t get my head around it at all.

In these days of Councils being short of a few bob why do Labour think that a bandstand, to be built in Maghull’s KGV Park, is a priority?

Yes, they have started some consultation on the matter but when Maghull Town Council struggles to fund deserving community voluntary projects why look to invest scarce resources in this way?

Alternatively, you could say with £500,000 in the bank why has Maghull TC cut back on its support for voluntary projects such as Maghull in Bloom?

Stop Trashing Lunt Village!

If there is one thing that gets me really angry it is those lazy beggars who dump rubbish wherever they please. Don’t you just wish the Council had the power to take what they have dumped and put it their front gardens to see how they would like it? Trouble is their neighbours would have to see it too.

Just look at these latest photos from around lovely rural Lunt Village which is regularly trashed by idiots who care nothing for our environment:-



In fact I took these photo’s today having been contacted by a resident of the Village. This happens time and time again and it is vital that we identify who is doing it. Some of it this time is household dumping whist some is clearly contractors rubble from work on a property.

Residents of Lunt do not deserve this fly-tipping (and I include the Leader of Sefton Council here) but some people must hate our environment so much that all they want to do is to trash it!

An uneventful Maghull Council meeting except for…….

The last Maghull Town Council meeting held on 1st October was unremarkable in many ways with the Council going about its usual business and with a great deal of political harmony. Yes, I know, political harmony and Maghull Council are not words you would expect to see used together because of recent history – 8 Labour councillors resigning etc. but harmony there was at this meeting.

But there was a moment when things started to look rocky because a local resident spoke during the public participation part of the meeting. He was very much to the point and wanted to know whether Labour councillors are whipped to vote certain ways or whether they have free will to vote as they individually think best.

Answer came there none! The only response was that the Council would respond at a later time/date! Obviously not a question the Labour members would want to answer and this seems to be a pattern these days i.e. they don’t like to answer questions directly when they are asked by members of the public at a Council meeting.

Funny thing this socialism lark and oh yes, let’s answer the question for them – of course Labour whips councillors; it’s in their DNA!