Child fall – Hilton Liverpool – BBC & Echo have the worrying story

The BBC covers it via the link above:-

The Liverpool Echo covers it via the link above:-

Let’s hope the child gets well again as a priority but how on earth could this have happened?

Japanese Knotweed – Foxhouse Lane, Maghull

This troublesome plant has been causing problems in Foxhouse Lane, Maghull for some time; at least 15 to 18 years to my knowledge. The plant is on Network Rail land which forms the embankment of the Liverpool – Ormskirk railway line just north of Maghull Station.


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My old chum and former Maghull Town Councillor Charles Walker (see photo above) was tackling it over 15 years ago and he got what was then Railtrack to take action to try to eradicate it. I recall Charles, now a young 93, reminding Railtrack for some years to continue the treatment because I am told it can take 5 or more years to eradicate it. Sadly, the work did not see its demise and it is now getting out of control again and growing under the pavement in Foxhouse Lane causing Sefton Council to try to address the problem as well.

The redoubtable Maghull In Bloom Volunteers are also on the case.

The link below to a wikipedia page gives more information about this invasive plant.

Echo – Ambitious 30 year plan to expand rail network around Liverpool

The link to the Echo story is above:-

The test of this will be delivery of it as my previous postings, looking at Merseytravel’s aspirations over many years, led to the inevitable conclusion that it was good at the talk but mediocre on the delivery.

A Merseyrail electric unit at Bootle New Strand Station

A Merseyrail electric unit at Bootle New Strand Station

I really do want this latest plan to work but forgive me if I remain just a little sceptical for two reasons. Firstly the one above – a poorish track (no pun intended) record of delivering rail improvements on and around Merseyside. Secondly, it still beggars belief that I had to put a motion before Sefton Council before the City Region would take the Southport, Wigan, Manchester line seriously.

I look forward to my sceptical outlook being proved to be ill-founded.

Calls for more powers for English regions – Liberals have been saying that for generations!

This piece is from prior to the Scottish referendum result, although let’s face it that result was never in doubt despite the tedious incessant media hype of recent weeks.

Graham Allen MP, chairman of the House of Commons political and constitutional reform committee, has said that English regions should get the power to spend the tax collected from local residents in the wake of further Scottish devolution. He said that devolution should not just be for Scotland if it is to be credible. Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “Devolution isn’t just for Scotland. This week I’d like to see Miliband, Clegg and Cameron issue a statement saying very clearly that we are in favour of both union and devolution, and perhaps to be credible, it can’t apply only to Scotland, it must also find a way to apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

The Guardian ran this piece

Some people take a long time to catch on, don’t they. For what it is worth Mr Allen Liberals have been championing this cause for generations, it’s Tories and Socialists who have been keen to hold tight to the reigns of power in Westminster!

Labour’s Bootle bust up – You could have put money on this after the comrades ditched Joe Benton MP

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

I have commented on this situation before because, as a Liberal, I am able to put political tribalism to one side and say what a good MP Joe Benton is and indeed will be until the next General Election. For Labour to stab him in the back says more about those that did it than Joe whom I have always had a huge amount of respect for.

Now the ferrets are fighting in the sack and let’s face it you really could have put money on this happening.

My previous posting said:-