Public urged to find neglected sites

A website launched recently by the Cabinet Office urges members of the public to find neglected government-owned buildings that could be sold. The site lists around 31,000 publicly owned assets and is intended to encourage individuals and organisations to challenge central and local government about underused property. Under a “right to contest” introduced in January, anyone can now force the government to explain why a building or plot is not being used fully and, if the department that owns it cannot justify its current use, it will be forced to release it for sale.

The site is reached via the link below and it is quite interesting to see what information is held on it if you put in a community name and search for Government owned land:-

The Guardian originally ran this story

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this posting

Pedestrian Crossing needed – Leighton Ave Maghull

Maghull’s shopping centre on the northern side of Westway is split in two by Leighton Avenue where it has a junction with Westway.

Trouble is that shoppers want to cross the top of Leighton Ave to access other shops but they have to run the gauntlet of traffic which, at times, can speed into Leighton Ave from Westway. The elderly and disabled find it particularly difficult to cross here. Indeed, one elderly gent told me that he does not even try to cross because he walks very slowly and fears being run over.

Only the other day I witnessed a lady who had clearly had a stroke being helped across the top of Leighton Avenue by a young man and they were having to keep a close eye on the traffic which was all around them. Sadly, some drivers just don’t seem to realise, or care, that pedestrians are the most important thing on our highways!

This is the spot, right next to Maghull's Costa Coffee Shop. Westway is just to the left out of the photo.

This is the spot, right next to Maghull’s Costa Coffee Shop. Westway is just to the left out of the photo.

With these thoughts in mind I have asked Sefton Council’s traffic engineers to look at this site for the potential installation of a pedestrian crossing and they have agreed to take it into their next assessment of where to put new crossings.

Chapel Street, Southport – running the gauntlet of the ‘chuggers’

Cllr. Iain Brodie Brown covers this subject in his recent blog posting (see link above) and he is right to do so.

Shopping in Southport’s Chapel Street can be a pain at times because of the activities of the young paid charity collectors who are known as ‘chuggers’. I would not be surprised if shoppers are being put off from shopping in Chapel Street so Iain is right to raise the profile of a matter that Sefton Council seems to have turned a blind eye to.

And its not only Southport where ‘chuggers’ are a concern. An internet search pulled up this newspaper article in Gloucester:-

Collecting for charities on our streets is a long standing tradition which we all support but ‘chugging’ is going too far. It has to be regulated in Southport.

Maghull Town Council – Flying the flags – Just a bit of fun

Take a close look at these two photos of flags flying outside Maghull Town Hall:-



I think you are sent to the Tower of London for flying the Union flag upside down but what happens if you fly the Maghull ‘M’ logo flag upside down? I suppose you could just rename the Town Waghull.

In Maghull’s ‘M’ logo the yellow represents the flower of the Mayweed that once grew prolifically in the area, the grey a stone canal bridge and blue the Leeds Liverpool Canal. My previous posting also refers:-

The photos are amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Can volunteers save Whiston Library (Knowsley Borough) when in Sefton its Labour rullers told volunteers to sling their hook?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

This sadly takes me back only a few months to the farcical situation that two volunteer groups faced in Sefton when they tried to take over Aintree and College Road (Crosby) Libraries. The bottom line was that Labour-run Sefton was simply not going to let them.

I really do hope that Labour-run Knowsley is prepared to give their volunteers the chance that Labour-run Sefton was not prepared to do. I would hate to think of more volunteers being given the run-around.

A chance encounter with an ice bucket challenge! – At Church View Farm, Lydiate

This sedate and welcoming Lydiate farm shop, run by Cllr. Edie Pope and her husband, seemed to be torturing a customer on Saturday.

As we turned into the car park something was afoot and a few minutes later all became apparent as a tractor bucket full of icy water was poured all over a chap for charity:-


I have no idea who the victim was.

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-