A chance encounter with an ice bucket challenge! – At Church View Farm, Lydiate

This sedate and welcoming Lydiate farm shop, run by Cllr. Edie Pope and her husband, seemed to be torturing a customer on Saturday.

As we turned into the car park something was afoot and a few minutes later all became apparent as a tractor bucket full of icy water was poured all over a chap for charity:-


I have no idea who the victim was.

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Assisted Bin Collections – Sefton Council

Sefton Council operates a system whereby elderly and disabled residents can be given assistance to get their bins out to the pavement for collection and it usually works well.

I have had to help an elderly resident in Maghull’s Poverty Lane previously when the system has broken down but things were put right there.

However, the other day Lydiate Parish Councillor Mark Courtney got in touch with me about a concern held by a group of elderly pensioners living in Barnes Drive, Lydiate that their assisted bin collections were about to cease.

Happily all seems well and the assisted collection will continue according to Sefton Council. I am not sure how the mixed message got out there but I have had an assurance from Sefton that the pensioners have no need to worry.

Pot hole repairs to Maghull Square Shopping Centre car parks

I was glad to see yesterday that the long awaited repairs to the pot holes have now been done.

I had been contacted by an elderly lady who had fallen due to one of the pot holes and had contacted the Maghull Group, who own the Shopping Centre and car parks, trying to get them to do the necessary repair work.


Above is a photo of the Leighton Avenue car park where a large tarmac patch can be seen. Previously it had been badly rutted.

Every death on every road in Great Britain 1999-2010 – Check out Sefton Borough


This is sobering subject especially as last night I saw two cars racing at incredibly high speed through Maghull on the A59 around 8.15pm. They must have had a death wish; trouble is they would probably have killed others in their ridiculous stunt had it all gone wrong.

The BBC has the story – see link above and search for Sefton amongst the listed local authorities.

105 Killed on Sefton’s roads in 11 years. The map on the BBC web site shows West Lancs deaths as well as Sefton’s.

Tory in call for mandatory weekly collections – Locallism my hat!

Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis has said that weekly bin collections could be made compulsory by law as part of the Conservative manifesto. “This move towards near–monthly bin collections is a sign of the blinkered view of municipal bin bureaucrats who don’t see rubbish collections are a vital service for families. Reducing bin collections harms the environment by fuelling fly–tipping and rips off taxpayers by cutting the services they pay for in council tax,” said Mr Lewis. The announcement follows Bury Council’s decision last month to make collections every three weeks, an idea which has been seized upon by Somerset Waste Partnership, which manages services for the county’s six councils.

If this does not prove once and for all that the Tories have only been pretending to like localism I don’t know what does. This subject is usually the pet rant of Eric Pickles but as he as been told to keep his head down another Tory is shouting this out for the sake of Daily Mail readers.

But my point is this, you can’t on the one hand say you believe in localism, where decisions are taken locally, and then on the other say you want to specify from Westminster what level of service should be provided in local areas. Frankly it is none of the Government’s business to tell local authorities what to do; it is a matter between a local authority and the residents who live in it to decide the level of service of bin collections or anything else. That’s what local accountability is all about.

But hang on a minute, if local democracy worked properly folks would vote in local election on local issues. If they did not like the frequency of bin collections in a particular council they would boot its political rulers out. Instead, we seem to use local elections as a referendum on the government of the day without a care in the world about the standard of service offered by our local council.

Tories, just like socialists, just want to tel us what is good for us. Big Brother is alive and well!