Animals in Need, Melling – An update

The struggle of this animal charity to keep a pitch for their fund-raising stall in Maghull’s shopping centre seems to be drawing support from far and wide.

I have had e-mails from residents asking me to do all I can to help the charity and of course I will do that.

I await a detailed response from Sefton Council which seems have refused to issue a street trader license to the charity for a pitch on public land. The charity had always pitched their stall on land which presently is in the ownership of a the company (Maghull Group) that owns the shopping centre buildings on the northern side of Westway but it has been asked to move on by the owner.

The obvious alternative site would be on a part of the land in the shopping centre that is under the ownership/control of Sefton Borough Council but I am told that the Council has refused to allow this and I need to get to the bottom of why the Council has refused. I am told that the Council’s initial view was that it would agree to the charity using public land but that it then changed its mind.

As a further alternative I have put the charity in touch with the other major land owner in the shopping centre (London and Cambridge Properties) to see if they can offer a site for the fund-raising stalls that have become such a feature of Maghull over the last 15+ years.

More news when I get it.

Animals in need – An animal charity based in Melling

I was surprised when I heard that the charity was being asked to move on; they have been a fixture at Maghull Square shopping centre with their pavement stall on a Saturday for well over a dozen years now.

I know the charity is well thought of locally for its work with animals and I worry that their fund raising efforts will take quite a hit. I have tried to intervene with the private owners of the Square but clearly they are not for changing their mind.

Flea market type stalls used to be a part of many town centres but they are slowly disappearing from English towns these days. I suppose it is the power of the corporate companies who demand that our town centres all look the same; it is all rather sad.

Lancashire to play cricket at Southport! – And we thought that was unlikely to happen again!

As the English cricket season starts a check through the fixtures of Lancashire County Cricket Club brought up an unexpected surprise in that Lancs are going to play a match at Southport in 2013.

My Party Leader on Sefton Council, Cllr. Iain Brodie-Browne, tells me that he thinks it has come about because Old Trafford will be playing host to a Test Match during August and that a game needed to be shifted away to an ‘out ground’.

Whatever the reason we have 1st Class cricket in Southport when it looked unlikely to happen again despite Lancs biggest crowd being at the compact Birkdale ground in their 1st Division Championship winning year of 2011.

I hope to be there (28th August – 4 day County Championship 2nd Division match) and as the game is against Hampshire as opposed to Nottinghamshire (my team) I will be able to go to cheer for a Lancs win.

Frank Hornby Trust

Trust Chairman Les French always goes the extra mile to try to promote the Maghull based Trust and its works but his latest idea is BIG indeed.

Remember that TV series of a couple of years ago when that chap from Top Gear presented a number of programmes all about famous kids toys? Well one of those programmes was about Meccano and an eccentric bid to use it as the building material to create a bridge over the Leeds Liverpool Canal on Liverpool’s waterfront.

Now, who but Les would be doing all he can to get his hands on that very Meccano bridge for display in the Frank Hornby Heritage Centre within Maghull’s Meadows Leisure Centre? Yes, that’s exactly what he is doing!

Let’s hope he is successful because Les always puts Maghull first.

The Old Forge

Local history is fascinating and just down the road from our house is Maghull’s newest historical plaque. It commemorates the ‘Old Forge’ that was Maghull’s blacksmith for many years.

It is now the lovely home of the Olsen family but prior to them recently renovating the property it had been a place where time had literally stood still. You see the blacksmith business closed many years ago but the property remained as it was the day the business ceased. Only 3 or 4 years ago you could walk right up to the window and be treated to a previous time some of some 40 years ago.

Pictured is Mayor of Maghull Geoff Howe with Mayoress Jenny and the Olsen family on the day the new plaque was unveiled.