New Maghull North Station due to open May 2018

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station. Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

I have been chasing up the latest position with regard to the Maghull’s 2nd railway station and with the help of Merseytravel Committee member John Dodd. I can supply the following information which has been provided to John by Merseytravel.


The contractor for the Maghull North station began the mobilisation stage for the station works on Monday 4 September.

Work has also begun on the de-vegetation of the railway cutting within the existing Network Rail trackside boundary. An ecologist is on site in case there are any particular issues that are found as the staff work their way in to the undergrowth.

Merseytravel will be meeting with Network Rail on Friday [8th September] and will discuss further details of the early stages of the construction works.

Opening of the railway station is still planned for May 2018 when the new summer timetable starts. At this stage it is not intended to rework the Maghull Circulars [buses], some of which provide a service from the existing station and pass the site of the new station.

However there will be further bus service reviews in time to come and the services will be looked at with knowledge of the new station, the Persimmon Homes development currently underway (Poppy Fields) and any proposals for development on the lands east of Maghull.

With thanks to Cllr. John Dodd for the lead to this posting

This photo shows the view from the Park Lane overbridge looking south towards the School Lane overbridge from where the previous photo was taken. The new station will be close to the School Lane bridge.

Lydiate – A new youth club? Well let’s hope so and that it’s a success

I was pleased to read, via the Maghull Community Facebook Page, recently that some folks are getting together to try to launch a new youth club at Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane.

Here’ a scan of the publicity leaflet which I picked up at the Village Centre last Thursday:-

But apart from doing my bit to give this excellent youth initiative a plug, there’s a bit of local history in all this too. You see the site where Lydiate Village Centre sits was once the site of Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club.

The old youth club was based in a large wooden building which if memory serves was donated by the Ford Factory. It was set up by parents who probably had similar aspirations for their local youngsters back in the 1960’s. My old mate Phil Davidson was one those involved in LVYC. Here’s a photo of the old building with former Parish Councillors Pat Foster and Tony Fenton outside it:-

Former Lydiate Parish Councilors Tony Fenton and Pat Foster outside the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club

Sadly the building was burnt to the ground, but that unfortunate incident also kindled a desire amongst Lydiate Parish Councillors of the day to erect a more substantial building for the use of all ages and sections of society. From that idea Lydiate Village Centre rose from the ashes some 15 years later with a big National Lottery grant to help the project on the way. Former Lydiate councillors Dave Russell, Andrew Blackburn together with the then Parish Clerk Brian Beaven were the driving force behind the Village Centre.

So what goes around comes around and let’s hope that the new youth club initiative will be a great success.

Lydiate – Children’s Summer Camp – It’s been a great success

The Clerk to Lydiate Parish Council, and her new Assistant recently came up with a plan to run a couple of Summer Camps at Lydiate Village Centre for local youngsters during the 6 weeks school holidays. Together they set to and made it happen and it’s proved to be a hit with parents and children alike.

Yesterday I went along to see the outcome of the children’s activities in song, dance and art yesterday and together with a lot of parents and grandparents we were entertained by the youngsters for about 30 minutes. They sang songs that they had written and showed us dance routines they had learned.

Active Soccer had also been involved especially with the outdoor activities and all in all I was really impressed. I hope there’s a great project to be built on here for Lydiate folk and their children.

As an aside Active Soccer are setting up an Extra Time Club (Breakfast & After School Club) at Lydiate Village Centre for Reception – year 6. Details available from the Village Centre – Tel 0151 527 2662 or via email to

Maghull North Station – So which local buses will serve the station when it opens?

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station. Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

This is a question that I know is in the minds of local people, indeed I have been asked as a Lydiate councillor whether I know the answer to it. It also came up as part of a wider discussion at the last Lydiate Parish Council meeting.

I thought it was time to see how far Merseytravel had got with their thinking/planning regarding this matter.

I recall that when the public exhibition about the new station was held at Maghull Town Hall some time ago the officials present were then unable to answer questions about which bus services would serve the station when it opens in 2018.

And this is what Merseytravel have told me:-

‘The 32/33 are circular services that will provide access to the new station during the off peak and the 34 during the peak. The 133 will also serve the station operating all day Monday to Saturday.’

I was surprised to note that presently the 31/31A circular bus which reaches out into Lydiate seems not to be down to call at the new station. I will be taking this up as obviously Maghull North Station is nearer to Lydiate than the present Maghull Station.

Clearly the opening of the new station will lead to some bus route/timetable changes to accommodate it and I’m sure we will be made aware of such changes nearer the opening.

As I wrote this posting building work on the station had yet to start.

With thanks to Cllr. John Dodd for his assistance with this posting

300 Bus Route – KGV College is the reason for the timetable changes say Arriva

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

My previous posting of a few days ago (accessible via the link below) refers:-

Arriva have now got back to me and they says this:-

‘The depot [Southport] have confirmed that the bus service has reverted to the time it ran prior to the changes in April. This revision has been implemented based on the KGV College in Southport not serving the college. The service timetabled has been altered to ensure that the college is served and the students have an ample bus service to attend their place of study.’

So now we know why the soon to be implemented changes in the timetable are taking place.

300 bus route – Arriva are fiddling with the timing again but why?

An Arriva bus at The Meadows stop in Maghull

It has been brought to my attention that from 3rd September, Arriva intend to re-time the 300 route buses for their Monday-Friday (weekday) journeys to run 5 minutes later throughout.

This will take them nearer to the 310 journey times, which seems to fly in the face the objective that was set with the timetable revisions made back in April this year.

I wonder why Arriva is making this change? I am making enquiries.

With thanks to Kevin for bringing this matter to my attention