Youth facilities – Caught in the economic crash and mad local decisions to spend money we don’t have!

You can’t but be impressed by the determination of Sefton’s young people as they fight for their youth centres across the Borough.

The trouble is that because Labour and their mates the bankers bankrupted the UK economy we are now having to consider withdrawing youth facilities and youth services. Thanks a lot Labour and the bankers for putting us in this appalling position! And thanks even more to both the Labour and Tory Parties on Sefton Council who continue to blindly go ahead with the rebuilding of Southport Indoor Market and a new Netherton Activity Centre at a staggering cost of £8m in total! No wonder youth facilities and indeed other valued community services are under even greater threat when some people think that money still grows on trees.

My campaigning Lib Dem colleague Jack Colbert, a former youth worker, shares my frustrations and is pictured outside Aintree Youth Centre before works on the excellent new GP surgery (next to the Youth Centre) were completed.