Big Society? – Well here’s a good small one in Lydiate

Like many I have often wondered what on earth the slogan ‘big society’ actually means. I suspect it means many differing things to many differing people but could this be an example of it in Lydiate?

This morning I was out with friends delivering a leaflet advertising the new and quite excellent Lydiate Village Centre that I have spoken of before. We were doing it as volunteers, the Village Centre was promoted and developed by the determination of volunteers, the photo’s in the leaflet were done by a local volunteer group (Maghull Photography Club – see my link to their web site) and a volunteer group is being established to help the Parish Council run the new Village Centre. I think this is one good definition of the ‘big society’.

If the ‘big society’ is meant to be less Government interference in our lives, less waiting for the Government or the Council to to resolve issues and it is more of local communities coming together to find the solutions that work best for them then fine I am signed up and participating. If it’s prescribed ‘volunteer days’ pushed by big brother and organised by officialdom then that’s another matter.

Meadows Leisure Centre/Maghull Town Hall – Problems of success

I spent a couple of hours this morning with the Leisure Centre Manager and Maghull Town Council’s Facilities Manager checking out issues associated with this unique Sefton Council/Maghull Town Council project.

Like every new building you come across there are issues that were not prominent during the planning process but which need to be addressed when it is being used by real people. Having said that I must admit there were few snags with the development of this brand new leisure centre. However, the fact that it is connected to Maghull Town Hall (which was already on the KGV site and is in reality a community centre with a Town Council office) means that it has become a significant community hub. So what are problems? Too small a car park, a requirement to signpost activities and facilities better and a need to manage traffic flows around what at times is a very busy site.

We came up with a number of action points and an enjoyable time it was. I would rather get down to dealing with and trying to solve real community issues than spend time in often tedious Council meetings. For every meeting I go to I need to be out in the community; it helps retain a balance. Too many meetings leads to too much tedium!

Labour MP’s backing Woolas!

I was very surprised to see prominent Labour MP’s jumping to the assistance of recently disqualified MP Phil Woolas. Have they not seen the literature that was put out in his name in the general election in Oldham East & Saddleworth? I have and grim stuff it was indeed.

I know politics can be a rough old game and at times all political parties can be guilty of pushing the boat out too far but in my view Mr Woolas clearly over stepped the mark by some distance and the election court agreed. Labour would do well to consider what the public would or indeed do think of such literature. A bit of sober reflection should stop tribal loyalty being a stronger pull than the common sense view.

Conservatives and the BBC

I was just a little amused to hear that Radio Merseyside had approached the Tory Parliamentary Candidate for Sefton Central to front up one of their programmes whilst their journalists were on strike last week. Talk about getting in bed with the enemy, the Tories have complained long and hard for years about the BBC being biased against them.

Was this an attempt by the BBC to redress a perceived party political balance problem or was it just a mistake leaving the BBC having to defend cries of bias from Liberals and Socialists? Whatever the case the Tories can’t moan any longer about bias after this BBC approach to them.

Southport Football Club

Well done Southport FC you used the TV covered match this afternoon to put on a great showing. A 5 – 2 loss may be hard to take especially as the team played so well but what it said to me is that our local Blue Square Premiere League team is on the up.

I recall two visits to Haigh Avenue, one when I was about 14 to see Southport play Stoke City in the FA Cup and one this season when I saw my own team Mansfield Town win 2 – 1. I could not be there today as family illness meant that I had to be in Preston but I managed to see some of the TV coverage.

What I recall most about my visit this season is how friendly Southport FC is. I was there as the Leader of Sefton Council at the invitation of the Club but you can always tell when folks are just being polite to a visitor. In this case they made me so welcome (despite Mansfield Town winning!) that I knew the welcome was genuine. Good luck to Southport FC, I hope you continue to do well except of course when you come up against the Stags.

A new war memorial for Aintree Village

Out of the blue this week Merseytravel announced that on a piece of unkempt land next to Old Roan Station and adjacent to the Old Roan Pub a piece of public artwork/war memorial, influenced by Aintree Village primary school age children, is to be dedicated on Remembrance Day.

The site has long been in the sights of Aintree Village Parish Council who have been saying for years that it needed to be tidied up. In fact the site was that of the former booking office for the previous Old Roan Station which was completely rebuilt half a dozen or more years ago.

What surprised me and indeed everyone else I have spoken to about the project is how it was kept under wraps for so long, or indeed why? I think all of us who have ever had dealings with Merseytravel know that they have their own unique ways of doing things but even for them this positive community project seems to have been kept unnecessarily quiet through the development process.

I look forward to seeing the end result, after all a new war memorial being erected is a rare thing these days.