Southport Lord Street Station – Cheshire Lines

I have recently posted about Aintree Central Station (02/12/13) together with Sefton & Maghull (22/11/13) and Lydiate (28/11/13) Stations. Aintree was the starting point for the long gone Cheshire Lines Extension Railway to Southport. Here, via the link above, we have the holiday town destination of Southport Lord Street Station.

This fascinating site has some good photos and accurate historical facts.

We will have a look at the other stations between Lydiate and Southport in a future posting.

New Bus Shelter – Ormskirk Road, Aintree Village – It probably took half a dozen years to get it installed!


So what a new bus shelter, you might say. And you would be right had it not taken more years to get it installed than I care to remember. And it’s not just me that’s banging away at Merseytravel over recent years as I know that a number Maghull/Lydiate residents and Cllr. Jane Day of Maghull Town Council have raised the lack of a shelter at this rather exposed spot.

As a point of reference it is close to Wickes Aintree store on the A59 on the northbound carriageway. Getting the shelter installed here is an important move forward because anyone travelling by bus to Aintree’s Retail parks from Maghull and Lydiate needs to be able to keep dry as they wait for the bus home. For years they have not been able to keep dry so a big thank you to Merseytravel for putting the new shelter in. It may have taken too long as far as some folk are concerned but at least it is there now.

Thornton – Switch Island Link Road – Now Labour use it as an excuse to build more houses!

We have got used to Labour’s gung-ho approach to building houses; they seemingly will build any number anywhere in Sefton. Don’t worry about the Green Belt we can build houses on it. Don’t worry about high grade agricultural land we can grow houses on it!

Now they are even claiming the Thornton – Switch Island Link Road as an excuse to build houses as their Leader Cllr. Peter Dowd says of it, “Combined with new housing and employment opportunities in years to come, the road will encourage investment and improve the economic viability of the Borough for future generations.”

Sadly, those future generations will need the high grade agricultural land, that Labour seems so keen to concrete over, to feed themselves. Are there no environmental voices with Sefton Labour any more? They seem more like a branch of the House Builders Federation!

Liverpool’s Last Tramcar

Liverpool Tram 869 (Not the last tram) in Crich tramway Village, Derbyshire. Photo from 2008

Liverpool Tram 869 (Not the last tram) in Crich Tramway Village, Derbyshire. Photo from 2008


Members of the Public who wish to ride on the LAST TRAMCARS, which will leave the PIER HEAD between 5-30 p.m. and 6-0 p.m. on 14th SEPTEMBER, are invited to apply on POSTCARDS ONLY for not more than TWO TICKETS, to :-

The General Manager


If more applications are received that seats available allocation will be made by BALLOT and those successful will be notified to COLLECT TICKETS (Price 1/- Each) covering journey from Pier Head to Bowring Park and Return to Edge lane Depot.


Aintree’s Cheshire Lines Station

The above site has a fascinating review and quite a number of photos of the old Cheshire Lines Aintree Central Station which was side by side with the present day former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Aintree Station.

Aintree was the start of the Cheshire Lines Extension Railway through to Southport.

Lone women drivers – Don’t stop unless you have no choice

I have recently been made aware of two incidents where it seems that lone women drivers have been put in situations where the natural reaction would be to stop their car, but fortunately neither did do.

One incident, involving a Lydiate resident, happened in Kirkby and seemed to involve someone falling against the side of her car trying to give the impression to the driver that they had hit someone. The natural reaction is to stop in such a situation but the explanation is that it was most likely a stunt designed to get her to do just that, probably so that the organisers of the stunt could steel the lady’s car.

A second incident involved a Melling resident who was driving back to Melling from Maghull along Poverty Lane when all of a sudden a couple of motorbikes, which had been parked at the side of the road, came up behind her flashing their lights and blowing their horns. The clear objective was to get her to stop but having realised the motorbikes were not Police bikes she was not for stopping and eventually the followers gave up and turned off up Tithebarn Lane.

Beware lone female drivers.