Maghull North Railway Station – it still has to be fought for!

The other day I was talking to a chap who had lived in Maghull most of his long life and he related to me how for many years there had been talk of a second new railway station for Maghull. His message was keep fighting for it lad (I am 52) you will win one day!

Keep fighting for it I will, but in the timescale that this chap had been talking to me about we have actually lost 3 railway stations locally in the East Parishes of the Borough! They are Sefton & Maghull, Lydiate and Aintree Central – all part of the long lost Cheshire Lines Extension Railway from Aintree to Southport. I have found some photos of the stations on the Internet as below. Lydiate is first (the site is now part of the Cheshire Lines Path with virtually no sign of the old station), Aintree Central second (Deltic Way now stands on the site) and lastly Sefton & Maghull (now under Sefton Lane Industrial Estate, although the mound in Sefton Lane was originally a bridge over the railway next to the station).

I came to live in Maghull in 1968 and when I was at Ormonde Drive Secondary Modern School my favorite teacher, Jack Petty, told me how he had used the railway in its last years and how at times he had been the only passenger! He also said that at Sefton and Maghull Station they would have a cup of tea waiting for him in the morning when he came in on a train from Southport. The line closed in 1952.