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7 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. Your about thirty five years too late with your views and objections on the Rimrose Vallley relief road.
    This was first planned and included in maps and Merseyside A-Z’s as far back as 1980. The original plan was for it to exit via the Princess Way/Ash Road roundabout. This was scrapped when they built the houses on the site once the transport company had departed.
    This relief road is much need if the economy is to thrive. The stupidity if the scheme is the ridiculous roundabout planned at Brooms Cross Road. Also the absurd mulitplex M57/M58/A59/A5758 junction.The chance to improve this area was missed when the proposed M59 was scrapped.This is 2018 and the roads in the UK are in an overcrowded and horrendous state. Much improvement is need throughout the whole network, not just this scheme.

  2. Len P says:

    Hi Tony

    Those freights in and out of Knowsley are very reliable time wise I watch them most days on realtime trains site, so this is a big fib from someone somewhere.

    Len Pentin

  3. Dave Laidacker says:


    Just a note about the Cabbage Inn. My dad was a soldier with the U.S. Army during WW II and he use to drink beer at this facility when he was stationed in Liverpool, England.

    Dave Laidacker
    Danville, Pennsylvania, USA

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