Lydiate Primary School – All we wanted was a bin put outside!

How many months to move 2 bins?

Back in February I was approached by a lady who sits on the School’s PTA. She asked me if I could get a bin put on Lambshear Lane outside the School to help to try to combat dog fouling problems i.e. somewhere the excrement could be disposed of as kids were walking through it when it was not cleared up. My ward colleague Andrew Blackburn also received a similar request around the same time.

Yes, I know those dog owners responsible for it, or is that irresponsible for it, may not take any notice and continue not to clean up after their dogs but we have to try. So, with the help of fellow Sefton Park Ward members Andrew Blackburn and Robbie Fenton we found a bin elsewhere in the ward (outside Maghull Town Hall on the A59) which was not used much. We asked for it to be relocated back in February and we are still waiting today! You see the Council can’t afford any new bins so one had to be relocated or in this case not relocated. We picked the one on the A59 as it is only lightly used.

But that is not the end of this sad story as also in February the same 3 councillors authorised another bin to relocated from Stafford Moreton Way (because there are two close to each other there) to Damfield Lane and guess what, just like the other one, it has not been moved.

I can’t recall making a formal corporate complaint against Sefton Council before but sadly I have felt compelled to do so now.

Plan for Sefton (formerly Core Strategy) V the Borough’s declining population

Now you will not need me to remind you how badly the Council’s consultation went last year when it was in effect trying to convince the good folks of the Borough that more house building is needed on our precious Green Belt. What’s more most of that potential building land also happens to be high grade agricultural land of which there is only 2%, or there abouts, across the whole of England.

Now move forward to the results of the 2011 census published a few days ago and note that Sefton’s population fell from the previous census by over 3%. Yes, we all tend to live in smaller family groups or on our own these days but is it not the case that a falling population means that there should be less pressure to build more houses?

I have never been convinced that building more and more houses is sustainable especially on high grade agricultural land; in fact it is quite obviously unsustainable in environmental terms! As far as I can see the pressure to build is mainly an economic one and it takes no account what so ever of vital environmental considerations.

My view is that the census results mean that building more houses on green spaces in Sefton is even more unjustifiable than it was when many of us were fighting for those green spaces last year. But the battle is far from over and another round of consultation and Council deliberation is on the way very soon so those barricades will need manning once again by Sefton’s Revolutionary Army of Environmentalists. They can see that land for growing food on is a far better thing to hand over to future generations than yet more concreted over fields.

Sefton Cabinet Members – Are they being gagged?

An interesting conversation with a fellow Lib Dem Councillor has made me ponder this matter. You see my colleague was told by a member of the press that they can’t get responses from Cabinet members and that virtually all comment comes via the Labour Leader.

Should this be the case the question is why? Does the Leader have no confidence in them as seems to be the case in Liverpool where Labour councillors are told to button it by their high command? Is this just another extension of Labour’s control freakery which has been developing since they grabbed control of Sefton last May? Is Sefton’s Labour Leader trying to mimic the power and control that his Labour colleague has in Liverpool where the Leader post has become an Elected Mayor with executive powers?

Leaks tend to tell us that the Labour lot in Sefton are not necessarily a happy bunch of campers. Could it be that this matter shines some more light on what goes on these days within Sefton Council’s controlling Labour Group?

More on St Andrew’s Primary School

Firstly, the OFSTED report can be found by following the above link.

Secondly, I had a call from a parent yesterday asking me about the Aintree and Maghull Champion’s newspaper article that was published this week under the between the eyes headline of ‘School’s Governing Body sacked’.

The query was about the Governors and I was able to clarify that Sefton Council had applied to replace the Governing Body with an Interim Executive Board but that the decision was yet to be made by the Secretary of State for Education. So yes the Governors are still in post.

My understanding is that a formal announcement will be made after 25th July. I also hear that the School could well become an Academy.

More news if and when I pick it up.

Sefton’s population drops – A cause for concern?

The Liverpool Post and Echo says this:-

‘JUST 17 local authority areas in England and Wales recorded drops in population in this week’s Census results – but three of them were on Merseyside.
The situation was worst in Knowsley which had the second biggest drop in the country at 3.5% and now has just 145,900 inhabitants.
It wasn’t much better in Sefton which had the third highest drop of 3.2% to 273,800. St Helens also lost 0.8% of its population and has 175,300 people.’

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