Leeds Liverpool Canal – Bicentenary celebrations in Sefton’s East Parishes

2016 has been the year to celebrate the bicentenary of the completion of the Leeds Liverpool Canal. In Sefton’s East Parishes (Aintree Village, Melling, Maghull & Lydiate) we had a event on 18th June.

£9500 was raised by 3 of the 4 local parish councils (Melling had their own separate event), Sefton Council, the pride of Sefton Charity and the Rent-a-Space company to fund the celebrations.

Sadly, as we all know, the big day saw a massive rain storm in the afternoon but the celebrations went on anyway and a good time was had by all. Here are a few reminder photo’s:-

Canal Bicentenary


Iain Brodie Brown - Mayor of Sefton at the celebrations

Iain Brodie Brown – Mayor of Sefton at the celebrations

Neatly lined up

Packed into Scrummies refreshment tent

Packed into Scrummies refreshment tent

Lining up for the Flotilla

Lining up for the Flotilla

So how was the money spent? £780 on portaloos, £480 on a Marquee [I remember sheltering in that!- Ed], £325 on the visiting hawks display, £1,700 on the stage, £500 on catering,, £964 on traffic management and of course many other items of expenditure that come along with such an event. And it all came within budget with a small amount to be returned to each of the funders I understand.

See you at the 400th year celebrations event!

Aintree Village – Before they set off for the Leeds Liverpool Canalfest

Yesterday canal narrow boats, barges and cruisers gathered by the dozen from just north of the Wango Lane swing bridge in Aintree Village ready for the flotilla that will reach Maghull Cricket Club’s ground around 2pm today. Here’s a shot of the gathering with the Pride of Sefton Trust’s barge in view:-

Lining up for the Flotilla

Lining up for the Flotilla

Today’s Canalfest celebrates the Bicentenary of the opening of the whole length of the Leeds Liverpool Canal which snakes it way through the Sefton East Parishes communities of Aintree Village, Melling, Maghull and Lydiate.

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